Not Quite Dead Yet (Ichido shinde mita)

Not Quite Dead Yet (Ichido shinde mita) Japan (2020) Dir. Shinji Hamasaki Isn’t science great? You can do wondrous things with it and because of it that not only astound the mind but can also defy nature! Shame some people want to take advantage of it for their own personal gain and will stoop to … Continue reading Not Quite Dead Yet (Ichido shinde mita)

Okko’s Inn

Okko’s Inn (Cert PG) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 95 minutes approx. Helping others to help yourself is a proven therapeutic way to assist you in getting over your problems though it may not be so obvious at the time. But people handle their grief differently and whether they do this as a … Continue reading Okko’s Inn