Movie Review – Ingenium

Ingenium Germany (2018) Dir. Steffen Hacker Memories are precious things to cherish but can also be unreliable at the best of times, worsening as we get older. This isn’t just related to special personal recollections, there are times when accuracy of details is crucial to a specific case - forget these or get them muddled … Continue reading Movie Review – Ingenium

Movie Review – The Love Of Jeanne Ney

The Love Of Jeanne Ney (Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney) Germany (1927) Dir. G.W Pabst Never fall in love with a Bolshevik. I realise that is increasingly unlikely in this day and age but it’s sound advice all the same. At the time of the Russian Civil War, this wasn’t so easy to avoid for … Continue reading Movie Review – The Love Of Jeanne Ney

Movie Review – Great Freedom

Great Freedom (Große Freiheit) Austria/Germany (2021) Dir. Sebastian Meise Freedom is a nebulous concept if you think about it. We have freedom, or we think we do since we are restricted by rules and prejudices that limit such liberties. And let’s not forget how religion and despotic politics also compromise what some of us in … Continue reading Movie Review – Great Freedom

Movie Review – The Indian Tomb

The Indian Tomb (Das Indische Grabmal) Germany (1921) Dir. Joe May If your husband happens to be a wealthy, influential, and slightly uptight Prince who keeps pet tigers, it is probably best not have an affair, as the consequences may not be pretty. Somehow, asking for a divorce might also be a dangerous thing to … Continue reading Movie Review – The Indian Tomb

Movie Review – The Presence (Die Präsenz)

The Presence (Die Präsenz) Germany (2014) Dir. Daniele Grieco Found footage horror films are apparently still a thing two decades after The Blair Witch Project kicked things off and spawned many an imitator. Many countries have had a go at this subgenre, including Spain’s REC series, and this is Germany’s entry. Anthropology student Markus (Matthias … Continue reading Movie Review – The Presence (Die Präsenz)

Movie Review – Hagazussa

Hagazussa Germany (2017) Dir. Lukas Feigelfeld Ask someone to describe a witch and they will no doubt mention the green skin, messy hair, black pointed hat, evil cackle, and flying broomstick. In the olden days, the criteria for accusing somebody of being a witch was less fussy - basically anyone they didn’t like - and … Continue reading Movie Review – Hagazussa

Movie Review – The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle (Schloß Vogelöd) Germany (1921) Dir. F.W Murnau If there is a double edged sword in life which doesn’t get much deliberation, it is having a reputation that precedes you. For example, being known as fearsome puts people on high alert to behave around you; conversely, if the word is you are a … Continue reading Movie Review – The Haunted Castle

Movie Review – Wings Of Desire

Wings Of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin) Germany (1987) Dir. Wim Wenders Is immortality overrated? The idea of being an ethereal being with the ability to look over the world and not have to worry about pain, illness, aging, money, sustenance, and of course death sounds great, but at what price? Life is to be … Continue reading Movie Review – Wings Of Desire

Movie Review – Sleep

Sleep (Schlaf) Germany (2020) Dir. Michael Venus Dreams. We all have them and I don’t mean aspirations and goals but those existential experiences we have when we sleep that see us take on all manner of different forms and posit us in strange or familiar situations, good or bad, that are rooted in reality. Thankfully, … Continue reading Movie Review – Sleep

Movie Review – Cocoon (Kokon)

Cocoon (Kokon) Germany (2020) Dir. Leonie Krippendorff Sorry, no aliens whisking elderly people away to rejuvenate them here, this is an entirely different Cocoon, still symbolic but more literal in its reference by being a coming-of-age tale from Germany. During the sweltering hot Berlin summer of 2018, Nora (Lena Urzendowsky) a shy, plain 14 year-old … Continue reading Movie Review – Cocoon (Kokon)