Jeune & Jolie

Jeune & Jolie France (2013) Dir. François Ozon While on a family summer holiday 17 year-old Isabelle (Marine Vacth) loses her virginity to her German beau Felix (Lucas Prisor) but feels nothing from the experience. Upon returning home to Paris, Isabelle becomes a prostitute on the quiet, adopting the name Lea with a string of … Continue reading Jeune & Jolie

The Returned (Les revenants)

The Returned (Les revenants) France (2004) Dir. Robin Campillo Out of the blue a horde of people of all ages return to their small home town after having been dead for ten years, looking exactly as they were when they died. Nobody knows how or why they were able to be resurrected but the biggest … Continue reading The Returned (Les revenants)