The Conversation

The Conversation US (1974) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola Back in the 1980s, the four hosts of hidden camera TV show called Game For A Laugh would sign off saying, “Watching us, watching you, watching us, watching you”. It was a cute slogan to get us to tune in to watch others be pranked but it … Continue reading The Conversation

The French Connection II

The French Connection II US (1975) Dir. John Frankenheimer Four years after the multi-Oscar winning success of The French Connection, this sequel arrived and while it is a continuation of sorts of the central story from the first film, it is a non-canon work with only two returning cast members and a different director. Since … Continue reading The French Connection II

The French Connection

The French Connection US (1971) Dir. William Friedkin I have to be honest, of all the Best Film Oscar winners The French Connection was one of those which I always felt seemed out of place alongside such revered treasures as Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, The Godfather, etc. As it stands this is a pretty … Continue reading The French Connection