Movie Review – Felicità

Felicità France (2020) Dir. Bruno Merle We all have choices. It’s making the right decision that is the key, and often that means having to think about how it affects others rather than just ourselves, which many don’t. This, in essence is one of the responsibilities of being a parent. 11 year-old Tommy (Rita Merle) … Continue reading Movie Review – Felicità

Movie Review – Lullaby aka The Perfect Nanny (Chanson douce)

Lullaby aka The Perfect Nanny (Chanson douce) France (2019) Dir. Lucie Borleteau For parents with very young children, finding the right person outside of the family to entrust their offspring with is an unenviable task at the best of times - not everyone can be Mary Poppins (just ask Emily Blunt). Making the wrong choice … Continue reading Movie Review – Lullaby aka The Perfect Nanny (Chanson douce)

Movie Review – 10 Days With Dad (10 jours sans maman)

10 Days With Dad (10 jours sans maman) France (2020) Dir. Ludovic Bernard It’s fair to say that a lot of men take their mothers, wives, girlfriends, etc. for granted when it comes to domestic matters, whilst many children are like this with both parents. Therefore, a wake-up call is desperately needed to show them … Continue reading Movie Review – 10 Days With Dad (10 jours sans maman)

Movie Review – Amanda

Amanda France (2018) Dir. Mikhaël Hers For all the negativity and toxic hostility that occurs on social media, there are still some decent people in the world who are willing to support others in need. Lest we forget though, even those offering support need support too. Paris 2015, and David (Vincent Lacoste) is a 24 … Continue reading Movie Review – Amanda

Movie Review – A Paris Education (Mes provinciales)

A Paris Education (Mes provinciales) France (2018) Dir. Jean-Paul Civeyrac Is it possible for a film to be so Meta that it becomes the very thing it might or might not be allegorically critiquing and/or celebrating, losing all sense of its own identity in the process, yet still very much an incisive and independently minded … Continue reading Movie Review – A Paris Education (Mes provinciales)

Movie Review – Forte (aka Ballsy Girl)

Forte (aka Ballsy Girl) (Cert 15) Digital/VOD (Distributor: Amazon Prime) Running Time: 94 minutes approx. Release Date – January 25th Attracting the opposite sex isn’t as easy as some like to think it is. Confidence in your personality to make the right impression is one thing, but it is true to say most people find … Continue reading Movie Review – Forte (aka Ballsy Girl)

Les Misérables

Les Misérables France (2019) Dir. Ladj Ly No matter where, if it is a predominantly white country there will always be racism and unrest with the black communities, a sad truth which was exposed to horrific levels over the past twelve months in the US and later on a wider scale. This French set entry … Continue reading Les Misérables

Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi)

Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi) France (2019) Dir. Cédric Klapisch So near yet so far. It is amazing what we look for in life might be right under our noses but for whatever reason we are unable to see it. Be it circumstances or fate, we carry on looking far and wide for a solution to … Continue reading Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi)

In Her Hands (Au bout des doigts)

In Her Hands (Au bout des doigts) France (2018) Dir. Ludovic Bernard Musical ability is something many of us envy in others. Some are able to write a good tune, or fire off a memorable riff on the guitar, some have a innate gift to interpret the works of esteemed composers and make it their … Continue reading In Her Hands (Au bout des doigts)

Little Nothings

Little Nothings (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 97 minutes approx. There is no “I” in “team” so they say. This is true but not everybody is a team player for many reasons - some are intimidated being around other people, personality clashes are always a destructive element, and then there … Continue reading Little Nothings