Foxtrot Israel/Germany/France/Switzerland (2017) Dir. Samuel Maoz War is the cause of much hurt and not always visible either. The mental anguish suffered by those in the midst of battle or at home left to wonder how their loved ones are doing is immeasurable and can’t be calculated or normalised in any way. Everyone reacts differently … Continue reading Foxtrot


My Golden Days (Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse)

My Golden Days (Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse) France (2015) Dir. Arnaud Desplechin Memories are a huge part of our lives, good and bad, but is it really worth dragging them back up having moved on and left the past in the past? My Golden Days finds director Arnaud Desplechin in a Proust-inspired reflective mood … Continue reading My Golden Days (Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse)

Time Masters (Les maîtres du temps)

Time Masters (Les maîtres du temps) France (1982) Dir. René Laloux Having made the classic animation Fantastic Planet from a novel by French sci-fi author Stefan Wul, unhurried French director René Laloux’s follow up (nine years later) was another Wul adaptation, this time turning his 1958 work L'Orphelin de Perdide into Time Masters. A six-wheeled … Continue reading Time Masters (Les maîtres du temps)

An Impossible Love (Un amour impossible)

An Impossible Love (Un amour impossible) France (2018) Dir. Catherine Corsini They say you can’t help who you fall in love with (not that I would know) but there must come a point when the penny would drop and make such a splash upon impact that it is time to pull the plug on the … Continue reading An Impossible Love (Un amour impossible)

Custody (Jusqu’à la garde)

Custody (Jusqu'à la garde) France (2017) Dir. Xavier Legrand “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” This clarion call from The Simpsons by Helen Lovejoy to denote her faux concern for all matters moral is used for comic effect but in the case of a bitter divorce, children should be the primary concern of the … Continue reading Custody (Jusqu’à la garde)

WWE – Andre The Giant

WWE – Andre The Giant (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD (Distributor: Fremantle Media) Running Time: 85 minutes approx. Release Date: May 6th A rare one this, a WWE release that isn’t exclusively a WWE production. Andre The Giant is in face a documentary by Jason Hehir for the HBO TV channel in the US, which … Continue reading WWE – Andre The Giant

Paths Of Glory

Paths Of Glory US (1957) Dir. Stanley Kubrick When someone enlists or is conscripted into the army, they expect the enemy to be the one on the other side of the trench, not within their own ranks. This early anti-war classic from Stanley Kubrick demonstrates that ignorance, lack of empathy and misplaced bravado are less … Continue reading Paths Of Glory