The Here After (Efterskalv)

The Here After (Efterskalv) Sweden/Poland (2015) Dir. Magnus von Horn “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” But what if the offensive act is beyond forgiveness? There are some lines that cannot be crossed and some crimes one cannot turn a blind eye to, no matter how penitent the perpetrator may be. In his … Continue reading The Here After (Efterskalv)

A Reason To Live (O-neul)

  A Reason To Live (O-neul – lit. trans Today) Korea (2011) Dir. Jeong-hyang Lee It’s been one year since TV producer Da-Hye’s (Song Hye-Kyo) fiancé Sang-Woo (Ki Tae-Young) is killed in a hit and run accident by a fifteen year-old boy who Da-Hye, in line with her Catholic faith forgives the boy. But when … Continue reading A Reason To Live (O-neul)