Acacia (Akasia)

Acacia (Akasia) Korea (2003) Dir. Park Ki-hyung Children are funny creatures. I know that is a general admission but one thing some of them tend to do, largely because of their callow grip on emotions, is become jealous of other children in the family arriving after them, stealing the attention from their parents that was … Continue reading Acacia (Akasia)

Early Kurosawa Part 2

Early Kurosawa Part 2 Japan (1943-45) Dir. Akira Kurosawa This is the second disc (well, the first disc actually but I was sent them in reverse order) of the Early Kurosawa set from BFI, meaning another two-for-one review! This time we go right back to the very beginning with the first feature film directed by … Continue reading Early Kurosawa Part 2

Bloom Into You Collection

Bloom Into You Collection (Cert PG) 2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 318 minutes approx. Release Date: April  6th Love in real life is never as it is portrayed in fiction (not that I would know), so anyone expecting to hear violins and see giddy hearts whenever somebody catches their eye is in for … Continue reading Bloom Into You Collection

Zero Point (Nullpunkt)

Zero Point (Nullpunkt)   Estonia (2014) Dir. Mihkel Ulk Some people just can’t get a break. They toe the line, are good to others, work hard, and always do what is right, yet they are the ones who end up royally shafted whilst others coast through life with a copy book soaked in blots. Johannes (Märt … Continue reading Zero Point (Nullpunkt)

Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume)

Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume) France/Canada (2018) Dir. Daniel Roby Parents are forever in the bad books with their children for making decisions directly affecting them which they believe are in the child’s best interest but are rarely are seen that way. Of course, it is seldom appreciated or understood until the child gets … Continue reading Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume)

The Last Princess (Deokhyeongju)

The Last Princess (Deokhyeongju) Korea (2016) Dir. Hur Jin-Ho One of the moe painful chapters in Korean history was the Japanese occupation at the turn of the 20th century, Many films have been made about this already, dramatising the effects it had on civilians, military personnel, resistance fighters, and even artists. As he title implies, … Continue reading The Last Princess (Deokhyeongju)

Penguin Highway (Pengin haiwei)

Penguin Highway (Pengin haiwei) Japan (2018) Dir. Hiroyasu Ishida Unless they are seen at the zoo in their bespoke enclosures, penguins will most likely be found in the Antarctic. Therefore, one wouldn’t expect to see a waddle of this aquatic flightless birds running along the street in rural Japan during the summer but in anime, … Continue reading Penguin Highway (Pengin haiwei)