Parallel UK (2016) Dir. Ieva Makselyte Occasionally on this site, we take a side step from mainstream cinema and look to indie filmmaking for our entertainment. Granted the budgets will be meagre, the production values modest and the acting often raw but what lack in professional glitz they make up for in earnestness and - … Continue reading Parallel


Martyrs France/Canada (2008) Dir. Pascal Laugier Apparently writer-director Pascal Laugier wrote the story for this notorious and divisive shocker when in a depressive and suicidal state. I’ve written a load of stuff in a similar state too but I kept it to myself. I’m sure plenty of people wished Laugier had kept this to himself. … Continue reading Martyrs

Serial Experiments Lain Collector’s Edition

Serial Experiments Lain Collector's Edition (Cert 12) 3 Discs DVD/Blu-ray Combo (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 310 minutes approx. MVM’s occasional trip back into the archives resurrects a polarising cyberpunk classic that is both a product of its time yet prescient in its depiction of the Internet. This re-release reduces the DVD disc count to just … Continue reading Serial Experiments Lain Collector’s Edition


Anomalisa (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Curzon Artificial Eye) Running Time: 90 minutes approx. Because this is a film aimed at adults starring stop motion puppets, I’m sure many people will immediately think Team America. This is an erroneous assumption to make, not in the least as it will leave them very disappointed to find … Continue reading Anomalisa

Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen)

Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen) Sweden (1968) Dir. Ingmar Bergman By the end of the 60’s the Swedish master of existentialist melancholy Ingmar Bergman, in keeping with the psychedelic culture of the period, had begun to get darker and experimental with his films, exploring the insecurities that plague artists via intricate surreal tales. Coming after … Continue reading Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen)

The White Dove (Holubice) / Joseph Kilian (Postava k podpírání)

The White Dove (Holubice) / Joseph Kilian (Postava k podpírání) Czechoslovakia (1960/1963) Dirs. Frantisek Vlácil / Pavel Jurácek & Jan Schmidt We have a special offer for you today - two reviews for the price of one! This is because the Second Run label have coupled two films from the early days of the Czech … Continue reading The White Dove (Holubice) / Joseph Kilian (Postava k podpírání)