My King (Mon Roi)

My King (Mon Roi) France (2015) Dir. Maïwenn Bruises heal but mental abuse stays forever, yet some schools of thought propagate a possible correlation between the two, and that rehabbing the physical could help fix the psychological. This might just be modern cod philosophy or an unexplored phenomenon but they do say “healthy body, healthy … Continue reading My King (Mon Roi)

Student Services (Mes chères etudes)

Student Services (Mes chères etudes) France (2010) Dir. Emmanuelle Bercot Laura (Déborah François) is student with dreams of becoming an interpreter but like many young people in further education she has her debts, not helped by her lazy boyfriend Manu (Benjamin Siksou) who demand she pays her way without contributing himself. Her parents can’t help … Continue reading Student Services (Mes chères etudes)


Polisse France (2012) Dir. Maïwenn The busy Child Protection Unit (CPU) of the Paris police force welcomes Melissa (Maïwenn), a photographer working on an article approved by the Ministry of Interior to capture the ins and outs of the department’s daily grind, dealing with abused kids, paedophiles and teenage prostitution. Writer, director and star Maïwenn … Continue reading Polisse