The Treacherous (Gansin)

The Treacherous (Gansin) Korea (2015) Dir. Min Kyu-dong We may moan about the deluded megalomaniacs in positions of power that are blighting our daily lives with their despotic solipsism, class war baiting and Twitter based idiocy but if history has taught us anything, we should be lucky modern rulers aren’t nearly as dangerous as the … Continue reading The Treacherous (Gansin)


My Life As A Courgette (Ma vie de Courgette)

My Life As A Courgette (Ma vie de Courgette) Switzerland/France (2016) Dir. Claude Barras Aside from the surreal French/Belgian A Town Called Panic and some segments in The ABCs Of Death horror anthologies, I can’t recall seeing a stop-motion animation film that covers adult issues in such an unapologetically frank manner. This doesn’t exclude younger … Continue reading My Life As A Courgette (Ma vie de Courgette)

The Levelling

The Levelling UK (2016) Dir. Hope Dickson Leach Families are supposed to be the ones we can count on in our lives and be the ones we can talk to when things are tough. But what happens when they are the ones who shut you out and are no longer communicating? That is probably the … Continue reading The Levelling


Qarantina Iraq (2010) Dir. Oday Rasheed There are a number of ways someone can feel trapped beyond the physical restrictions of space and proximate geographical enclosures - one can be mentally or emotionally trapped in a loveless marriage, or trapped by their limitations of skills and abilities. In his second feature, Iraqi writer-director considers this … Continue reading Qarantina

Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce US (1945) Dir. Michael Curtiz How far would a mother go to secure the love of her daughter? It really needn’t be asked as filial piety should be unconditional as is the love between parent and offspring, but it is pondered in this classic noir drama that saw Joan Crawford win her only … Continue reading Mildred Pierce

Nowhere In Moravia (Díra u Hanusovic)

Nowhere In Moravia (Díra u Hanusovic) Czech Republic (2014) Dir. Miroslav Krobot The wonderful thing about cinema is that we can travel to any country in the world, view their sights and experience their culture without ever leaving our living rooms. If there were a downside, it would be seeing a country through a cynical … Continue reading Nowhere In Moravia (Díra u Hanusovic)

House Of The Disappeared (Si-gan-wi-ui jib)

House Of The Disappeared (Si-gan-wi-ui jib) Korea (2017) Dir. Lim Dae-woong This psychological horror/thriller from Korea is in fact a remake of a 2013 Venezuelan film La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos (The House At The End Of Time), a rare case of Asian cinema remaking another country’s film and not vice versa, although … Continue reading House Of The Disappeared (Si-gan-wi-ui jib)