Movie Review – After Love

After Love UK (2020) Dir. Aleem Khan Despite having never been in a relationship let alone a marriage (nor am I likely to), I am aware that over time both parties will get to know each other intimately, and form an unbreakable bond based on that synergy, understanding, and trust. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work … Continue reading Movie Review – After Love

Movie Review – Five Graves To Cairo

Five Graves To Cairo US (1943) Dir. Billy Wilder The Germans got everywhere during World War II, despite most films on this subject concentrating on their European occupation, for instance, the desert campaigns that took in Africa. Fear not, British were on hand to thwart this global takeover bid, first taking out the German’s allies … Continue reading Movie Review – Five Graves To Cairo

Movie Review – Verdict

Verdict (Cert 15) Digital/VOD (Distributor: Sovereign Film Distribution) Running Time: 127 minutes approx. Domestic abuse is a hard enough subject to read about in the news, it becomes even harder to watch when dramatised in film. But this Philippine drama doesn’t just cover this issue, it focuses on the aftermath where the system has to … Continue reading Movie Review – Verdict

Movie Review – Catch Me Daddy

Catch Me Daddy UK (2014) Dir. Daniel Wolfe “This is going end bad. It is going to end real bad.” Honour killings are something those of us living under western culture and religion will never understand, but under Islamic law it is perfectly acceptable to kill a member of your own family - usually female … Continue reading Movie Review – Catch Me Daddy

Movie Review – Miyamoto aka From Miyamoto to You (Miyamoto kara Kimi e)

  Miyamoto aka From Miyamoto to You (Miyamoto kara Kimi e) Japan (2019) Dir. Tetsuya Mariko “Living life as best I can” As passive as this sounds, it has some validity in today’s world, where having an opinion is the worst thing, what it means to be a man or a woman has changed drastically, … Continue reading Movie Review – Miyamoto aka From Miyamoto to You (Miyamoto kara Kimi e)

Movie Review – Memories To Choke On, Drinks To Wash Them Down

Memories To Choke On, Drinks To Wash Them Down Hong Kong (2019) Dirs. Ming-Kai Leung & Kate Reilly Such a cheeky title for an anthology that doesn’t tell you what to expect yet is oddly explanatory in its own way. Four short films - three fiction, one documentary - set in, around and about Hong … Continue reading Movie Review – Memories To Choke On, Drinks To Wash Them Down

Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்)

Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்) India (2020) Dir. J. J. Fredrick The issue of rape and sexual abuse in India is a thorny one, with attacks on young girls also a growing problem. Now they are doing something about it, but corruption within the country’s patriarchal society remains a block in erasing this heinous crime. In … Continue reading Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்)

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur) Iceland (2019) Dir. Hlynur Palmason One of the worst things for a grieving person is to discover their partner had a secret life in the wake of their passing. There are many different ways of processing this news and moving forward, anger more than likely to be a … Continue reading A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)

Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Innocent Witness (Jeungin) Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Han “If only she weren’t Autistic” A line actually spoken in a film apparently designed to help broaden our understanding and knowledge of Autism. Thankfully, this is repudiated by the mother of the autistic girl in question, proclaiming she had never once thought that herself, otherwise it wouldn’t … Continue reading Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers UK (1955) Dir. Alexander Mackendrick Is there such a thing as a criminal mastermind? They can devise complex, ingenious, and audacious plans to commit a robbery that in theory are foolproof. The only thing they never envision is being caught - or that their downfall would come from an unlikely source. Mrs. Wilberforce … Continue reading The Ladykillers