Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel)

Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel) Hungary (2016) Dir. Attila Till While Hollywood is trying to redeem itself following outcries of its lack of diversity in representing gender, race and sexual minorities in its films, the rest of the world is not only already way ahead of them but is also giving screen time to another … Continue reading Kills On Wheels (Tiszta szívvel)

There Is Light (Kurayami kara te wo nobase)

There Is Light (Kurayami kara te wo nobase) Japan (2013) Dir. Yukihiro Toda Saori (Maya Koizumi) is an escort who takes a job with Honey Lips, a service that caters exclusively for disabled clients, because she thinks it will be easy work. Her interaction with three particular clients makes Saori re-evaluate her attitudes towards people … Continue reading There Is Light (Kurayami kara te wo nobase)