Frozen Land (Paha maa)

Frozen Land (Paha maa) Finland (2005) Dir. Aku Louhimies “From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow, large streams from little fountains flow” so the proverb goes. We may not realise it at the time but one simple act, be it of generosity, defiance, or vengeance can have a devastating and far-reaching ripple effect. Based loosely … Continue reading Frozen Land (Paha maa)

Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy

Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy Thailand (2013) Dir. Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit When The Emoji Movie arrived in 2017, aside from being met by universal hostility, it was seen as a lament for modern cinema finding its inspiration in social media. Yet, this Thai black comedy drama got there first by building a story around a … Continue reading Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy


Christine US (2016) Dir. Antonio Campos "In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in 'blood and guts', and in living colour, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide." Those were the last words spoken by WXLT-TV news reporter Christine Chubbuck before she placed a gun to her head and shot … Continue reading Christine

Lights Out

Lights Out (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Warner Brothers Home Entertainment) Running Time: 78 minutes approx. It’s nice to have friends but ones that a bit clingy and needy tend to be a nuisance and the sort of friend you don’t want, especially if they continue to pester you after they have passed away. Working … Continue reading Lights Out

In The Courtyard (Dans la cour)

In The Courtyard (Dans la cour) France (2014) Dir. Pierre Salvadori Known for his glossy and amiable comedies such as Après Vous, Priceless and Beautiful Lies, French Corsican director Pierre Salvadori returns with a film which is rich with the inherent Gallic charm of his previous works but with an air of melancholy rarely seen … Continue reading In The Courtyard (Dans la cour)

Days Of Being Wild (Ah fei zing zyun)

Days Of Being Wild (Ah fei zing zyun) Hong Kong (1990) Dir. Wong Kar-Wai The first film in the informal trilogy from the abstract auteur Wong Kar-Wai sows the seeds for the two later films In The Mood For Love and 2046 although the connections between this and its two offspring are tenuous enough to … Continue reading Days Of Being Wild (Ah fei zing zyun)

Welcome Aboard (Bienvenue parmi nous)

Welcome Aboard (Bienvenue parmi nous) France (2012) Dir. Jean Becker Taillandier (Patrick Chesnais) is a painter in his sixties who suddenly stopped painting one day and has been unable to resume for over a decade. Irritable, tired and depressed Taillandier finds it hard to relate to or talk to anyone, especially his bossy wife Alice … Continue reading Welcome Aboard (Bienvenue parmi nous)

The ABC Award

I am once again humbled and honoured to receive a nomination for the ABC – Awesome Blog Content award from fellow anime fan and blogger Medieval Otaku. Please visit his site for a different take on anime and its many connotations and influences that may not be so obvious to you. As ever these awards … Continue reading The ABC Award

Our Children

Our Children (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Saffron Hill) Running Time: 111 minutes approx. At first the relationship between Belgian junior school teacher Murielle (Émilie Dequenne) and Mouni (Tahar Rahim), a young Moroccan doctor, is a blissful union up until the marriage, which reveals the first signs of the controlling personality of Mouni’s adoptive Belgian … Continue reading Our Children