Movie Review – Breeder

Breeder Denmark (2020) Dir. Jens Dahl There is nothing that can be done about the aging process. People need to accept this fact and stop trying to combat it. Unfortunately, plastic surgery and other tampering procedures are rife, especially among celebrities, but that is more a panacea than a solution. At least cinema is good … Continue reading Movie Review – Breeder

Another Round (Druk)

Another Round (Druk) Denmark (2020) Dir. Thomas Vinterberg There is an episode of The Simpsons where, after prohibition is enforced on Springfield then eventually revoked, Homer celebrates with the toast "To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems". It may have been said in jest, but is an aphorism that is … Continue reading Another Round (Druk)

The Orphanage (Parwareshghah)

The Orphanage (Parwareshghah) Denmark/Afghanistan (2019) Dir. Shahrbanoo Sadat For most of us, our teenage years were spent hating school, arguing with our parents, listening to music, becoming curious about the opposite gender, and looking ahead to becoming adults. In the Middle East, this would be a luxury for a large number of teens, whose lives … Continue reading The Orphanage (Parwareshghah)


Holiday Sweden/Denmark (2018) Dir. Isabella Eklöf Everybody likes going on a holiday - the sun, the sites, the beach, the nightlife, the psychological abuse… Yes, the trip to warmer climes and relaxation in this debut from Swedish director Isabella Eklöf isn’t your usual two-week getaway. Sascha (Victoria Carmen Sonne) the young girlfriend of Danish drug … Continue reading Holiday

Sons Of Denmark (Danmarks sønner)

Sons Of Denmark (Danmarks sønner) Denmark (2019) Dir. Ulaa Salim Radicalisation works both ways, but most people seem unaware of this, always assuming with some validity thanks to media influence - that it refers to those drawn towards Islam by extremists. In some cases, this is in response to the rise of racism fuelling their … Continue reading Sons Of Denmark (Danmarks sønner)

The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built Denmark (2018) Dir. Lars von Trier What makes a serial killer the way they are? It’s probably fair to say the last filmmaker we would want to ponder this question and put his musings on film is Lars von Trier, but he has never cared what people think of him … Continue reading The House That Jack Built

Across The Waters (Fuglene over sundet)

Across The Waters (Fuglene over sundet) Denmark (2016) Dir. Nicolo Donato How many more times must people be told - “Don’t Trust Anyone” before they start listening? This was never a more vital aphorism than during World War II where even those who seem altruistic and helpful were in fact looking to exploit all situations … Continue reading Across The Waters (Fuglene over sundet)

The Guilty (Den skyldige)

The Guilty (Den skyldige) Denmark (2018) Dir. Gustav Möller An aphorism that paraphrases Edgar Allan Poe asserts “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”. Taking this as its premise, being on the end of a telephone can fuel an inquisitive mind but does this lead to right decisions being made? … Continue reading The Guilty (Den skyldige)

Darkland (Underverden)

Darkland (Underverden) Denmark (2017) Dir. Fenar Ahmad Is it possible to retain one’s cultural and racial identity having assimilated to another country’s culture and made a success of their lives? This is the unexpected subtext of what on the surface is a straight up revenge thriller from Denmark, one of the founding fathers of the … Continue reading Darkland (Underverden)

Land Of Mine (Under sandet)

Land Of Mine (Under sandet) Denmark (2015) Dir. Martin Zandvliet Another film about World War II that is “based on true events” - haven’t we emptied that particular well already? As it transpires we haven’t and if Land Of Mine is any indicator, there is still a huge wealth of important but overlooked tales of … Continue reading Land Of Mine (Under sandet)