The Very Private Work Of Sister K

The Very Private Work Of Sister K US (2016) Dir. Johan Liedgren If you were going to have a discussion on sex vs. sexual pleasure surely, the last people you would involve in the discussion would be a panel of men of ecclesiastical leanings who have taken a vow of celibacy? Unfortunately, because a nun … Continue reading The Very Private Work Of Sister K

The Teacher (Ucitelka)

The Teacher (Ucitelka) Slovakia (2016) Dir. Jan Hrebejk Communism - great in theory, unattainable in practice. Like most ideals with such humanitarian intentions, they are ruined by how open they are to abuse from those at the top. The prolific Czech duo of director Jan Hrebejk and writer Petr Jarchovsky explore this very flaw in … Continue reading The Teacher (Ucitelka)


12 Russia (2007) Dir. Nikita Mikhalkov "The law is all powerful and constant, but what can be done when mercy has a greater force than law?" This potent quote from the pseudonymous B. Tosia closes this contemporary Russian remake/adaptation of the classic 12 Angry Men, relocating the sweaty 1950’s US jury room to a wintry … Continue reading 12

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men US (1957) Dir. Sidney Lumet It’s tough being the odd one out in any situation but when it is matter of tremendous import and gravity, that lone person needs to be able to stand their ground and explain their stance. You never know, you may be able to get the others on … Continue reading 12 Angry Men