Clash (Eshtebak)

Clash (Eshtebak) Egypt (2016) Dir. Mohamed Diab It is universally recognised that religion and politics are two of the most divisive and incendiary topics of discussion people should avoid. Luckily, some of us live in a country where the two rarely cross paths; not everyone is so fortunate and their daily lives are dictated by … Continue reading Clash (Eshtebak)


The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes)

The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes) France (2015) Dir. Elie Wajeman “Love made me become an anarchist” As good a reason as any I suppose, but it turns out love was the downfall for the titular anarchists in this second feature from up-and-coming French director Elie Wajeman - that and a pedestrian script for what could have … Continue reading The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes)

One Piece Collection 17

One Piece Collection 17 (Episodes 397-421) (Cert 12) 4 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 588 minutes approx Release Date: June 25th       It’s been a while since we last set sail aboard the Thousand Sunny with the Straw Hats - fifteen long arduous months of waiting in fact! I say arduous as the last … Continue reading One Piece Collection 17

Made In Dagenham

Made In Dagenham UK (2010) Dir. Nigel Cole I don’t know if it should be regarded as a disappointment that 50 years after the strike for equal pay by female workers at the Ford factory in Dagenham that women are still fighting for the same thing. Conversely, this story might stand up as a valid … Continue reading Made In Dagenham

The Final Master (Shi Fu)

The Final Master (Shi Fu) China (2015) Dir. Xu Haofeng Classic martial arts films involve a simple storyline around which a vengeful hero kicks lots of butt, with only a passing insight to the philosophy of combat. Xu Haofeng - like Bruce Lee - is a martial artist, scholar, film critic, and author, keen to … Continue reading The Final Master (Shi Fu)

Yusibu Collection

Yusibu Collection (Cert 15) 2 Discs DVD / Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 296 minutes approx. Release Date: June 11th You know how it goes - one minute you’re fighting an eternal battle against the mighty Demon King to save the world from his tyranny and the destruction of humankind then, when victory is yours … Continue reading Yusibu Collection

Because I Love You (Saranghagi Ttaemoone)

Because I Love You (Saranghagi Ttaemoone) Korea (2017) Dir. Joo Ji-hong When legendary rock group KISS were asked if they copied Alice Cooper’s stage make-up, they responded by saying since it worked so well with one guy it would be great with four. Presumably, Joo Ji-hong felt the same way when he decided to expand … Continue reading Because I Love You (Saranghagi Ttaemoone)