Joker US (2019) Dir. Todd Phillips “Everybody is awful these days. It’s enough to make anyone crazy!” The black sheep of the nominees for Best Film at this year’s Oscars has divided opinion and will no doubt to continue to do so. It’s a film that breaks a few rules, one being a comic book … Continue reading Joker


Shazam! (Cert 12A) US (2019) Dir. David F. Sandberg As I stated in my review of Captain Marvel, the superhero I and other old gits knew with that moniker was not an amnesiac woman turned alien, but the creation of Bill Parker and C. C. Beck for Fawcett Publications in 1939, whose comic book adventures … Continue reading Shazam!


Aquaman (Cert 12A) US (2018) Dir. James Wan Of all the comic book superheroes Aquaman was probably the last one fans expected to get a live action film but here it is. Having made appearances in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, this watery warrior gets his own big screen outing that takes us right … Continue reading Aquaman

The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie US (2017) Dir. Chris McKay The success of The Lego Movie back in 2014 was a surprise for many but the creators wisely exploited all aspects of the Lego brand, such as the tie-in franchises like the Superheroes, to produce a fun film. This proved a vital element to its success, … Continue reading The Lego Batman Movie

Justice League

Justice League (Cert 12A) US (2017) Dir. Zack Snyder In early 2016 the DCU, in response to Marvel producing successful super-team films thought it had the crown in their hands when they paired off its two most iconic Superheroes Batman and Superman in one film. Sadly, the film was a misfire and soured the DCU … Continue reading Justice League

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Cert 12A) US (2017) Dir. Patty Jenkins 76 years after William Moulton Marston’s creation first appeared in print, Wonder Woman finally gets the big screen treatment (Batman vs. Superman aside) and helmed by an award winning female director no less! I never read the Wonder Woman comics so my only exposure to the … Continue reading Wonder Woman

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad US (2016) Dir. David Ayer It was initially hoped that 2016 would be the year of the comic book/action blockbuster and in many ways it is - only it is the year that the genre lost its box office allure. Is Suicide Squad the latest victim of this downward spiral? Set in the … Continue reading Suicide Squad

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice US (2016) Dir. Zack Snyder Following in Marvel’s footsteps in uniting its superheroes on the big screen rivals DC bring together its two biggest and most iconic figures ever, Superman and Batman. Man Of Steel’s Zack Snyder takes the director’s seat but with the direction the two franchises have … Continue reading Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice