Movie Review – Naked

Naked UK (1993) Dir. Mike Leigh “I’m interested in life” So says the man who spends two hours plus of our time pondering how it is all going to end, and seemingly going out of his way to annoy everyone he meets and getting beaten up for his troubles. Johnny (David Thewlis) is drifter from … Continue reading Movie Review – Naked

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty UK (2019) Dir. Craig Roberts    “There is no such thing as happiness, just moments of not being depressed!” Mental health is a serious condition that cannot be pigeon holed to one set of symptoms or its effect on people. As someone on the Autism spectrum, I know whereof I speak as some … Continue reading Eternal Beauty

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Cert 12A) US (2017) Dir. Patty Jenkins 76 years after William Moulton Marston’s creation first appeared in print, Wonder Woman finally gets the big screen treatment (Batman vs. Superman aside) and helmed by an award winning female director no less! I never read the Wonder Woman comics so my only exposure to the … Continue reading Wonder Woman


Anomalisa (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Curzon Artificial Eye) Running Time: 90 minutes approx. Because this is a film aimed at adults starring stop motion puppets, I’m sure many people will immediately think Team America. This is an erroneous assumption to make, not in the least as it will leave them very disappointed to find … Continue reading Anomalisa

The Theory Of Everything

The Theory Of Everything (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Universal) Running Time: 123 minutes approx. At the 2015 Oscars something quite rare occurred: two films vying for the top honours in the major categories were British; and they were both biopics celebrating two very different but equally brilliant British men. One was The Imitation Game … Continue reading The Theory Of Everything