Vortex (Ting er zou xian)

Vortex (Ting er zou xian) China (2019) Dir. Jackie Gan Quite often, the decisions we make in life are directly influenced by the sort of person we are. Someone with an addictive personality would be more likely to make rash, possibly dangerous decisions, whilst level headed people are presumed to be more rational in their … Continue reading Vortex (Ting er zou xian)

City Of Rock (Feng ren ji yue dui)

City Of Rock (Feng ren ji yue dui) China (2017) Dir. Da Peng Are you ready to rock? It’s not a crime to want to make a racket with electric guitars and pounding drums though some people still seem to think it is, which is amusing when you consider some of the great careers many … Continue reading City Of Rock (Feng ren ji yue dui)

Monster Hunt 2 (Zhuo yao ji 2)

Monster Hunt 2 (Zhuo yao ji 2) China (2018) Dir. Raman Hui Considering the first Monster Hunt film was at one point the highest grossing domestic film in China’s box office history, a sequel was not just inevitable but guaranteed while the first round of receipts were still being counted. And whilst Wolf Warrior 2 … Continue reading Monster Hunt 2 (Zhuo yao ji 2)