The Big Clock

The Big Clock (Cert PG) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 96 minutes approx. Release Date – May 13th Imagine being so good at your job that your employer entrusts only the biggest projects to you until you are unwittingly given one that is going to incriminate you in a crime you didn’t … Continue reading The Big Clock


Divergence (Saam cha hau)

Divergence (Saam cha hau) Hong Kong (2005) Dir. Benny Chan Take one acclaimed Hong Kong police/action director, three capable, popular actors and an award winning writer, put them together in the same crime thriller with a strong support cast in the hope of emulating the success of the seminal Infernal Affairs, and the result is… … Continue reading Divergence (Saam cha hau)

The Vanished (Sarajin Bam)

The Vanished (Sarajin Bam) Korea (2018) Dir. Lee Chang-Hee If there is a benefit to getting older and becoming more forgetful it is that one can watch a film then, when the remake comes along few years later you’ve forgotten everything about it so the newer version is completely fresh to you. It also makes … Continue reading The Vanished (Sarajin Bam)


Tommy Sweden (2014) Dir. Tarik Saleh  Hopefully the production details of this film will have made it abundantly clear that there are no deaf, dumb, and blind pinball wizards here so we can get that reference out of the way. What we do have is a gritty slice of Nordic Noir putting a unique and … Continue reading Tommy

The Merciless (Boolhandang: Nabbeun Nomdeului Sesang)

The Merciless (Boolhandang: Nabbeun Nomdeului Sesang) Korea (2017) Dir. Byun Sung-Hyun There is no honour among thieves. A phrase everyone has heard except for those in the criminal fraternity apparently, if Asian gangster films are to be believed. In his third film, Byun Sung-Hyun makes the huge leap from saucy rom-coms to violent thriller to … Continue reading The Merciless (Boolhandang: Nabbeun Nomdeului Sesang)

Strangled (A martfüi rém)

Strangled (A martfüi rém) Hungary (2016) Dir. Árpád Sopsits “There are no serial killers in this country” The above quote wasn’t a prideful boast regarding the efficiency of the Hungarian police but an official edict from the top brass to cover up the fact that there IS a serial killer and they can’t catch him. … Continue reading Strangled (A martfüi rém)

Shock Wave Tunnel (Chai dan zhuan jia)

Shock Wave Tunnel (Chai dan zhuan jia) China/Hong Kong (2017) Dir. Herman Yau I’m not entirely sure why the UK release of this China/Hong Kong co-production needed the addendum of the word “Tunnel” to its original title of Shock Wave, but I suppose it’s better than some of the egregiously misleading title changes that have … Continue reading Shock Wave Tunnel (Chai dan zhuan jia)