Movie Review – The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen UK (2019) Dir. Guy Ritchie Criminals know they are not nice people though I doubt they really care as they long as they have money, power, and loyal scumbags willing to get their hands dirty on their behalf. So, how is it then that even though they know criminals are also awful people … Continue reading Movie Review – The Gentlemen

Bad Genius (Chalard games goeng)

Bad Genius (Chalard games goeng) Thailand (2017) Dir. Nattawut Poonpiriya Cheaters never prosper. Whether fiddling the books, taking drugs in sports, or coughing at the right answers on a TV quiz, the plan always falls apart in the end and the culprits are caught. Yet the quest to achieve goals with the least amount of … Continue reading Bad Genius (Chalard games goeng)

A World Without Thieves (Tian xia wu zei)

A World Without Thieves (Tian xia wu zei) China/Hong Kong (2004) Dir. Feng Xiaogang There is no honour among thieves as the saying goes, which isn’t very reassuring for the rest of us trying to avoid falling victim to them. Therefore, a world without their existence is very unlikely, even if they start pilfering from … Continue reading A World Without Thieves (Tian xia wu zei)