Haute Cuisine (Les saveurs du Palais)

Haute Cuisine (Les saveurs du Palais) France (2012) Dir. Christian Vincent Politics is a messy game for politicians and the general public who suffer at the hands of the bickering and dirty tricks of the various parties. Yet, it seems the true backbiting and malfeasance occurs not in the chambers of political office in the … Continue reading Haute Cuisine (Les saveurs du Palais)

Little Forest (Liteul poreseuteu)

Little Forest (Liteul poreseuteu) Korea (2018) Dir. Yim Soon-rye It never fails to amuse me when people return home after being away, that their usual response to the question “What do you miss the most?” is “My mum’s cooking” - not that I can blame them! For the protagonist of this story, this is very … Continue reading Little Forest (Liteul poreseuteu)

Happiness (Hang wan si ngo)

Happiness (Hang wan si ngo) Hong Kong (2016) Dir. Andy Lo You can never predict where friendships will develop but that is one of the joys of life. It has long been demonstrable that age, gender, and social status have little effect on people getting along - it is the result these bonds produce that … Continue reading Happiness (Hang wan si ngo)

This Is Not What I Expected

This Is Not What I Expected China (2017) Dir. Derek Hui You can often tell a lot about a film from its title and sometimes they extends beyond expectations of the film itself; for instance, director Derek Hui is noted for his work on the production end of cinema, mostly as an editor for action … Continue reading This Is Not What I Expected


Samba France (2014) Dirs. Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano Immigration is a tricky subject to make a rom-com out of and the directors of the international crowd pleaser Untouchable don’t exactly deliver much of one, but they do present a thoughtful and conscientious yarn about finding love when the political system is against you. Senegalese … Continue reading Samba

Photo Kano Complete Collection

Photo Kano Complete Collection (Cert 15) 2 Discs DVD/2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 306 minutes approx. Anime knows how to corrupt young minds especially when it comes to teen romance, proffering a number of unique and improbable ways for awkward young men to win the girl of their dreams. Photo Kano posits the … Continue reading Photo Kano Complete Collection

The Recipe (Doenjang – Lit: Soybean paste)

The Recipe (Doenjang – Lit: Soybean paste) Korea (2010) Dir. Anna Lee A notorious murder on death row, Kim Deuk-Gu (Yu Seung-Mok), says as his final words before hanging that he wants to taste a doenjang (soybean paste) stew one last time. TV producer Choi Yu-Jin (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) finds this fascinating and decides to look … Continue reading The Recipe (Doenjang – Lit: Soybean paste)