Movie Review – The Producers

The Producers US (1967) Dir. Mel Brooks "I was so careful... I picked the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast... where did I go right?" We can only hope that nobody tried to emulate the scam as perpetrated in this classic comedy from Mel Brooks, although there have been many cases of con … Continue reading Movie Review – The Producers

Movie Review – Irma la Douce

Irma la Douce US (1963) Dir. Billy Wilder Okay, so you meet a nice girl and think she is the one, except she has a job that isn’t so nice and you’d rather she gave it up, but she doesn’t want to because it is her way of life. So, how do you go about … Continue reading Movie Review – Irma la Douce

Movie Review – The Raven

The Raven US (1935) Dir. Lew Landers Quoth the Raven: ”What have they done to my story?” The third in the trio of films “based” on the works of Edgar Allan Poe from Universal as part of their famed horror universe of the 1930s and 40s. Like the previous two entries, Murders In the Rue … Continue reading Movie Review – The Raven

Movie Review – Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles US (1974) Dir. Mel Brooks Mel Brooks turned 95 the other day and to celebrate the BBC showed two of his classic films which I first saw many moons ago. This gave me the chance to watch them again and re-evaluate them through a more mature and critical eye as opposed to just … Continue reading Movie Review – Blazing Saddles

Movie Review – The Black Cat

The Black Cat US (1934) Dir. Edgar G. Ulmer We all know black cats bring bad luck to those whose paths they cross which is why I am dog lover. Okay, that is an old superstition but black cats have a bad rap in fiction from being synonymous with witches and graveyards etc. In the … Continue reading Movie Review – The Black Cat

Movie Review – Irezumi

Irezumi (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Video) Running Time: 86 minutes approx. Release Date – June 21st If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned then perhaps we chaps should, you know, stop scorning them? That way, when the so-called weaker sex does finally snap after having enough, we men won’t have … Continue reading Movie Review – Irezumi

Movie Review – Murders In The Rue Morgue

Murders In The Rue Morgue US (1932) Dir. Robert Florey It’s always the ones you least suspect. The evidence might be pointing in one particular direction but then the discovery of one vital clue changes everything, even if it sounds a little difficult to believe. But this is murder we’re talking about. Paris, 1845, a … Continue reading Movie Review – Murders In The Rue Morgue

Movie Review – Topkapi

Topkapi US (1964) Dir. Jules Dassin Crime capers are a stalwart of cinema, presenting an interesting dichotomy - whether they would inspire criminals to formulate even wilder heists, or if they were designed to inform the police on what to look out for to thwart them. I’m sure both parties would find them valuable, but … Continue reading Movie Review – Topkapi

Movie Review – Five Graves To Cairo

Five Graves To Cairo US (1943) Dir. Billy Wilder The Germans got everywhere during World War II, despite most films on this subject concentrating on their European occupation, for instance, the desert campaigns that took in Africa. Fear not, British were on hand to thwart this global takeover bid, first taking out the German’s allies … Continue reading Movie Review – Five Graves To Cairo

The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers UK (1955) Dir. Alexander Mackendrick Is there such a thing as a criminal mastermind? They can devise complex, ingenious, and audacious plans to commit a robbery that in theory are foolproof. The only thing they never envision is being caught - or that their downfall would come from an unlikely source. Mrs. Wilberforce … Continue reading The Ladykillers