The Piper (Sonnim)

The Piper (Sonnim) Korea (2015) Dir. Kim Gwang-tae Leave it to the Koreans to take a popular, timeless fairy tale for kids and turn it into a horrifying nightmare film to give everyone the willies! They did it before with the rather spooky Hansel & Gretel back in 2008, now it’s the Pied Piper of … Continue reading The Piper (Sonnim)

The Wailing (Goksung)

The Wailing (Goksung) Korea (2016) Dir. Na Hong-Jin It’s been over two hours since the end credits of this Korean supernatural thriller began to roll and I am still dumbfounded. Na Hong-Jin has managed to render me speechless - or whatever the written word equivalent is. The story - which is paradoxically simple yet convoluted … Continue reading The Wailing (Goksung)

Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal)

Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal) Korea (2014) Dir.  Lee Han  It is ironic for a country to have made so many damning films on the subject of bullying and teen suicides that the problem still exists, thus more films will be made about it until it is addressed. With the addition to the ranks of … Continue reading Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal)

Han Gong-Ju

Han Gong-Ju (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 113 minutes approx. In his debut Lee Su-Jin tells of the harrowing nightmare experience of the eponymous 17 year-old schoolgirl (Chun Woo-Hee), the foundations of which are found in the infamous real life Miryang Gang Rape Case of 2004. Without going into too … Continue reading Han Gong-Ju