Non-Fiction (Doubles vies)

Non-Fiction (Doubles vies) France (2018) Dir. Olivier Assayas To move with the times or stay with what we know is tried and tested? A dispute for the ages that will never dissipate as long a technology keeps developing. We all have or opinions on this and other issues but what forms and influences these opinions … Continue reading Non-Fiction (Doubles vies)


Marguerite France (2015) Dir. Xavier Giannoli We’ve all told that one little white lie to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings and to keep our heads on our shoulders but there are occasions when perpetuating a myth to avoid such heartbreak makes it considerably worse when the truth does come out far too late. Just outside … Continue reading Marguerite


Renoir (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Soda Pictures) Running Time: 107 minutes approx. 1915 Côte d’Azur and Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Michel Bouquet) is in his twilight years, his painting suffering from increasing arthritis, while his inspiration has gone, following the death of his wife and his son Jean (Vincent Rottiers) being injured while fighting in the … Continue reading Renoir