Manhole (Maen-hol)

Manhole (Maen-hol) Korea (2014) Dir. Shin Jae-young Most people, unless it is their job, tend to stay away from underground sewers and for good reason. First time writer and director Shin Jae-young plays upon this fear and decides to spook us that little bit more with this grisly thriller. In central Seoul, 16 year-old schoolgirl … Continue reading Manhole (Maen-hol)

Assassination (Amsal)

Assassination (Amsal) Korea (2015) Dir. Choi Dong-hoon Having broken Korean box offices records in 2012 with the ensemble heist caper The Thieves, director Choi Dong-hoon reunites with many key members of the cast for this 1930’s set epic, in the hope that lightning will strike twice. In 1911 as Japan was establishing its colonial rule … Continue reading Assassination (Amsal)