Happiness (Hang wan si ngo)

Happiness (Hang wan si ngo) Hong Kong (2016) Dir. Andy Lo You can never predict where friendships will develop but that is one of the joys of life. It has long been demonstrable that age, gender, and social status have little effect on people getting along - it is the result these bonds produce that … Continue reading Happiness (Hang wan si ngo)

Vampire Cleanup Department (Gao geung jing dou fu)

Vampire Cleanup Department (Gao geung jing dou fu) Hong Kong (2017) Dirs. Yan Pak-wing and Chiu Sin-hang  Every country around the world has its own idea and mythos about vampires and China is no different. To them, vampires are not suave Bela Lugosi types able to transform into bats but hideous killing machines that hop … Continue reading Vampire Cleanup Department (Gao geung jing dou fu)

Rigor Mortis (Geung si)

Rigor Mortis (Geung si) Hong Kong (2013) Dir. Juno Mak Asian cinema has always delivered a unique take on the horror genre which often leaves us Westerners a little befuddled since the philosophical and spiritual tenets behind the stories aren’t familiar to us. Despite this rather major handicap we can still enjoy the films on … Continue reading Rigor Mortis (Geung si)