City Lights

City Lights US (1931) Dir. Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin was the last of the silent comedy greats to switch over to sound and obtusely so, finally succumbing over a decade after it was first introduced. Before then while everyone else could be heard on screen, Chaplin clung onto the tacit mystique of his beloved tramp … Continue reading City Lights

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush US (1925/1942) Dir. Charlie Chaplin Before I proceed with this review I should point out that it is based on the 1942 “remix” of the 1925 silent classic by Chaplin himself, predating George Lucas’s fiddling with his works by some fifty years. Here Chaplin added a new musical score, sound effects, narration … Continue reading The Gold Rush

Modern Times

Modern Times US (1936) Dir. Charlie Chaplin This would be the last “silent” film from Chaplin - the quotes are necessary as it features some dialogue, sound effects and even Chaplin singing - making the title ironic in lieu of the narrative that explores the themes of the cost of one’s humanity in a fast … Continue reading Modern Times

The Kid

The Kid US (1921) Dir. Charles Chaplin Confession time - I’ve never really “got” Chaplin although to be fair I’ve not seen any of his works aside from clips in documentaries and one short film which didn’t do anything for me. For whatever reason, I never took to Chaplin as I did his contemporaries Buster … Continue reading The Kid