Movie Review – Good Take!

Good Take! (Pai de bu cuo) Hong Kong (2016) Dir. Various Anthology films are hard for a reviewer to grade - at least I think so. Being comprised of individual shorts, often on a set theme, in this case it is they are all set in Macau, do you rate it lower if not everything … Continue reading Movie Review – Good Take!

Always Be With You (Seung joi nei jor yau)

Always Be With You (Seung joi nei jor yau) Hong Kong (2017) Dir. Herman Yau Death, contrary to popular belief, isn’t always the final word - if it was, there wouldn’t be any horror films or tales of the supernatural to spook us out with. So, keep on haunting you spirits, like the one in … Continue reading Always Be With You (Seung joi nei jor yau)

Sara (Chor gei)

Sara (Chor gei) Hong Kong (2015) Dir. Herman Yau Money is the proverbial root of all evil but there is a very strong case to be made for sex to be considered an equally destructive force, though the two usually cause havoc when working in tandem with each other. Sometimes it is easy to forget … Continue reading Sara (Chor gei)

TAG – Five Flaming Hotties

TAG - Five Flaming Hotties Well this is something different for this site. S.G of Rhyme and Reason has tagged ol’ MIB in this blogging game called five Flaming Hotties, where bloggers are asked to share their main objects or desire from the film and entertainment world. Now, regular readers of this site (and hopefully … Continue reading TAG – Five Flaming Hotties

Gangster Payday (Da cha fan)

Gangster Payday (Da cha fan) Hong Kong (2014) Dir. Lee Po-Cheung The gangster film has been a popular staple for Hong Kong cinema over the past few decades but rarely has it been the subject of a comedy, something Lee Po-Cheung, in his second film as director, has chosen to address. Brother Ghost (Anthony Wong) … Continue reading Gangster Payday (Da cha fan)

Naked Ambition 2 (aka Naked Ambition 3D)

Naked Ambition 2 (aka Naked Ambition 3D) Hong Kong (2014) Dir. Kung-Lok Lee For some people, “AV” stands for “Audio Visual” but for others – especially in Far East Asia – it stand for “Adult Video”. It is the latter than serves as the topic of this apparent sequel to a ribald 2003 outing (helmed … Continue reading Naked Ambition 2 (aka Naked Ambition 3D)

Emperor And The White Snake

Emperor And The White Snake (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Metrodome) Running Time: 93 minutes approx. In a world where demons run havoc, Fa Hai (Jet Li), a sorcerer from Jinshan Temple is on a mission to ensure demons don’t interfere with the human world. One day, a herbalist Xu Xian (Raymond Lam) is in … Continue reading Emperor And The White Snake