Gangster Payday (Da cha fan)

Gangster Payday (Da cha fan) Hong Kong (2014) Dir. Lee Po-Cheung The gangster film has been a popular staple for Hong Kong cinema over the past few decades but rarely has it been the subject of a comedy, something Lee Po-Cheung, in his second film as director, has chosen to address. Brother Ghost (Anthony Wong) … Continue reading Gangster Payday (Da cha fan)

Aberdeen (Heung gong jai)

Aberdeen (Heung gong jai) Hong Kong (2014) Dir. Ho-Cheung Pang The past - we can forget about it and move on or we can be forever haunted by it. Either option has no definite solution as different circumstances dictate different outcomes, which is what Hong Kong’s enfant terrible director Ho-Cheung Pang explores in Aberdeen, his … Continue reading Aberdeen (Heung gong jai)