Movie Review – Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby US/Canada (2020) Dir. Emma Seligman We all have our secrets and having them come out is our biggest fear. However, could there be a worst time for them to come out then at a funeral? And a Jewish one at that? Many of us won’t ever get to find out, others might not … Continue reading Movie Review – Shiva Baby

Movie Review – Underground (Souterrain)

  Underground (Souterrain) (Cert 15) Theatrical/Digital/VOD (Distributor: Sovereign Film Distribution) Running Time: 98 minutes approx. How do you define toxic masculinity? Is it something cultivated through peer pressure or from societal expectations? Does it come from within from is in inherent? It has been an issue for many a year but has no solution, even … Continue reading Movie Review – Underground (Souterrain)

Movie Review – Possessor

Possessor UK/Canada (2020) Dir. Brandon Cronenberg Body swap films are usually comedies playing up to the dichotomy of opposing genders, differing age groups, or clashing personalities. Put in the hands of a horror filmmaker and you know this concept is going be applied to something darker and psychologically challenging. Club hostess Holly (Gabrielle Graham) welcomes … Continue reading Movie Review – Possessor

Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime)

Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime) Canada (2019) Dir. Xavier Dolan Friendships that last are really special, not that I would know. When people can remain close from childhood through to adulthood and beyond, it is a remarkable achievement. But, as we grow up and times change, there will always be something to put that … Continue reading Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime)

Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume)

Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume) France/Canada (2018) Dir. Daniel Roby Parents are forever in the bad books with their children for making decisions directly affecting them which they believe are in the child’s best interest but are rarely are seen that way. Of course, it is seldom appreciated or understood until the child gets … Continue reading Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume)


Rabid Canada (2019) Dir. Jen & Sylvia Soska I suppose everybody at some stage in their lives wishes they were more attractive than they are, whether to boost their confidence or purely from a vanity perspective. But there is always a price to pay for this, especially if it is achieved via cosmetic surgery, the … Continue reading Rabid

She Has A Name

She Has A Name Canada (2016) Dirs. Daniel Kooman & Matthew Kooman The UN estimates over 2 million children a year are forced in sexual slavery on a global scale, with only 1% of them rescued. This terrifying statistic is shared at the end of this upsetting drama that was made not only to raise … Continue reading She Has A Name

I Walked With A Zombie

I Walked With A Zombie US (1943) Dir. Jacques Tourneur The year of this film’s release might imply it to be an early zombie movie (the first was 1932’s White Zombie) but the zombies in both of these films are not the reanimated corpses we’ve come to associate with zombies per George A. Romero’s seminal … Continue reading I Walked With A Zombie

The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner Ireland/Canada/Luxembourg (2017) Dir. Nora Twomey  At the risk of alienating any female readers, whilst the struggles for equality, respect and the fight against sexism in the workplace continues for women in the west, they have it infinitely easier than women in the Middle East, where they don’t even have basic human rights let … Continue reading The Breadwinner

Lost In Paris (Paris pieds nus)

Lost In Paris (Paris pieds nus) France (2016) Dirs. Dominique Abel & Fiona Gordon I think this may be another first for this site and possibly even cinema in general, unless someone can correct me, in that Abel and Gordon are a husband and wife team. You might cite James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow as … Continue reading Lost In Paris (Paris pieds nus)