Slack Bay (Ma Loute)

Slack Bay (Ma Loute) France (2016) Dir. Bruno Dumont I’ve only seen three films from Bruno Dumont and they were all bleak, heavy dramas, so it was a surprise to learn that he had made a comedy. Could the man responsible for the intense heartbreaking darkness of biopic Camille Claudel 1915 and the religion bating … Continue reading Slack Bay (Ma Loute)

Camille Claudel 1915

Camille Claudel 1915 France (2013) Dir. Bruno Dumont Another overlooked figure from the French art world comes to my attention via a superbly made biopic, this time 19th century sculptor Camille Claudel, essayed here in an emotionally draining tour de force turn by the inestimable Juliette Binoche. Camille’s work was overshadowed by her affair with … Continue reading Camille Claudel 1915

Hors Satan (Outside Satan)

  Hors Satan (Outside Satan) France (2011) Dir. Bruno Dumont In the Côte d'Opale region of Southern France a lone drifter (David Dewaele) comes across a young girl (Alexandra Lematre) who is silently drawn to him and joins him in his taciturn but event filled meditations. Bruno Dumont clearly has a lot to get off … Continue reading Hors Satan (Outside Satan)


Hadewijch France (2009) Dir. Bruno Dumont Having adopted the name Hadewijch, the devotion to her faith of young novice nun Céline (Julie Sokolowski), the daughter of rich Parisian family, is considered so extreme that her Mother Superior (Brigitte Mayeux-Clergot) is forced to expel her from the convent to save her. Returning to Paris, Céline meets … Continue reading Hadewijch