Reset China (2017) Dir. Chang Time travel was very popular in films next year. Many directors from across the globe have had a crack at it, now it is China’s turn, although helming this project is actually Korean director Hong-Seung Yoon, under the pseudonym Chang, presumably to distance himself from any films he is embarrassed … Continue reading Reset

Shock Wave Tunnel (Chai dan zhuan jia)

Shock Wave Tunnel (Chai dan zhuan jia) China/Hong Kong (2017) Dir. Herman Yau I’m not entirely sure why the UK release of this China/Hong Kong co-production needed the addendum of the word “Tunnel” to its original title of Shock Wave, but I suppose it’s better than some of the egregiously misleading title changes that have … Continue reading Shock Wave Tunnel (Chai dan zhuan jia)

Land Of Mine (Under sandet)

Land Of Mine (Under sandet) Denmark (2015) Dir. Martin Zandvliet Another film about World War II that is “based on true events” - haven’t we emptied that particular well already? As it transpires we haven’t and if Land Of Mine is any indicator, there is still a huge wealth of important but overlooked tales of … Continue reading Land Of Mine (Under sandet)

The Age Of Shadows (Miljeong)

  The Age Of Shadows (Miljeong) Korea (2016) Dir. Kim Jee-woon It’s a familiar story - a celebrated Korean director tries his luck in Hollywood, fails, returns to his native land and produces an absolute corker to get himself back on track. Park Chan-Wook did it with The Handmaiden and now it’s Kim Jee-Woon’s turn … Continue reading The Age Of Shadows (Miljeong)

Touch Of Evil

Touch Of Evil US (1958) Dir. Orson Welles Citizen Kane is generally regarded to be a film head of its time in terms of popularising new filmmaking techniques but this sinuous slice of classic film noir also deserves attention on that front, if not for the opening three minutes alone. Based loosely on the pulp … Continue reading Touch Of Evil

13 Minutes (Elser)

13 Minutes (Elser) Germany (2015) Dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel After the embarrassment of his flop biopic of the Princess Of Wales, Diana, German director Oliver Hirschbiegel returns to the subject with which he made his name via 2004’s spellbinding Downfall, Nazi Germany, with much more gratifying and satisfying results. The focus this time isn’t Hitler himself … Continue reading 13 Minutes (Elser)

The Terror Live (Deu tae-ro ra-i-beu)

The Terror Live (Deu tae-ro ra-i-beu) Korea (2013) Dir. Kim Byeong-woo Live TV is both a curse and a blessing due to its inherent unpredictability, especially for news broadcasters. But imagine if your whole world was literally about to come crashing down around as the whole country watches on? Popular prime time TV news anchor … Continue reading The Terror Live (Deu tae-ro ra-i-beu)

The Rocket

The Rocket Laos/Australia (2013) Dir. Kim Mordaunt This first fiction feature from Australian documentary filmmaker Kim Mordaunt is also the first film to hail from Laos I’ve seen. The roots of The Rocket can be found in Mordaunt’s 2007 documentary Bomb Harvest, about an Australian bomb disposal expert in Laos trying to clear up unexploded … Continue reading The Rocket