Revenge France (2017) Dir. Coralie Fargeat The title says it all really. This is a film above vengeance just like many before it and is a rape-revenge thriller to boot. Just knowing that means we know what to expect from this film, right? In actual fact, the answer is “Not quite”. Revenge comes from a … Continue reading Revenge

House (Hausu)

House (Hausu) Japan (1977) Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi No relation to the 1980’s Hollywood horror film series and definitely not connected to the medical TV show starring Hugh Laurie, this cult classic from Japan was supposed to be their answer to Jaws but ended up much closer to a head spinning blend of Rocky Horror Picture … Continue reading House (Hausu)

Blood (Buraddo)

Blood (Buraddo) Japan (2009) Dir. Ten Shimoyama While this film is about vampires it is not to be mistaken for the live action adaptation of the classic anime Blood: The Last Vampire - not that such folly would occur since the two films are vastly different in just about every aspect. In the Edo period … Continue reading Blood (Buraddo)

Parasyte The Maxim Collection 2

Parasyte The Maxim Collection 2 (Episodes 13-25) (Cert 15) 2 Discs DVD/2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: Animatsu Entertainment) Running time: 274 minutes approx. Part two of this superlative sci-fi/horror series kicks off with central protagonist Shinichi Izumi in the doldrums after witnessing the death of schoolmate Kana Kimishima at the hands of the parasites. Having exposed … Continue reading Parasyte The Maxim Collection 2

Parasyte: The Maxim Collection 1

Parasyte: The Maxim Collection 1 (Episodes 1-12) (Cert 18) 3 Discs DVD/2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: Animatsu Entertainment) Running time: 274 minutes approx. When Frank Sinatra famously sang “I’ve got you under my skin” I doubt he would have envisioned the true horrors such a metaphorical notion would actually have. Mangaka Hitoshi Iwaaki did and the … Continue reading Parasyte: The Maxim Collection 1

ECW Unreleased Vol.3

WWE - ECW Unreleased Vol.3 (Cert 18) 2 Disc Blu-ray / 3 Disc DVD (Distributor: Fremantle Media) Running Time: 422 minutes approx. For a wrestling promotion that lasted a little more than eight years and was seen on the periphery of the big leagues it seems that the legacy of ECW is one that people … Continue reading ECW Unreleased Vol.3

The ABCs Of Death

The ABCs Of Death Various (2012) Dirs. Various The concept is a brilliant one: take twenty six directors from around the globe and give them a letter each. They must think of a word that begins with that letter then make a film about the subject of death. It’s as simple and ingenious as it … Continue reading The ABCs Of Death

Yakuza Weapon (Gokudô heiki)

Yakuza Weapon (Gokudô heiki) Japan (2011) Dirs. Tak Sakaguchi & Yûdai Yamaguchi In a South American jungle tough as nails Yakuza fighter Shozo Iwaki (Tak Sakaguchi) is on a four year mission raising all kinds of hell when he receives word that his Yakuza boss father Kenzo (Akaji Maro) has been killed. Upon returning to … Continue reading Yakuza Weapon (Gokudô heiki)