It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two US (2019) Dir. Andy Muschietti Sequels are often hard depending on the success of the first film and the story being told, whether it is continuing an overarching plot or progressing a singular franchise. For It Chapter Two, it is more a case of the former but has a lot to live … Continue reading It Chapter Two

Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet US (2018) Dirs. Phil Johnston & Rich Moore No, he doesn’t post a picture of his bare bottom although this is probably the only thing Ralph doesn’t do as he ventures from the safe-haven of his old school arcade game into the vast, busy and heavily populated digital world of the … Continue reading Ralph Breaks The Internet

Inside Out

Inside Out US (2015) Dir. Pete Docter & Ronnie Del Carmen While Disney is busy churning out twee sing-a-long fantasies about princesses and other facile female characters, their adopted stepchild Pixar continues to take a more cerebral and down to earth approach with their animated features, offering escapism with more challenging edge to it. Their … Continue reading Inside Out