3 Hearts (3 coeurs)

3 Hearts (3 coeurs) France (2014) Dir. Benoît Jacquot “Sisters, sisters / There were never such devoted sisters” So wrote legendary songwriter Irving Berlin in 1954 and while this sentiment has stood the test of time, it also provides us with the central conceit of this French romantic melodrama. Ironically, whilst it doesn’t star real … Continue reading 3 Hearts (3 coeurs)

The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament)

The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament) France (2015) Dir. Jaco Van Dormael Religion is a touchy subject to create art from, even more so if you choose to lampoon it - just ask the Monty Python team! Clearly not fazed by the prospect of being smote by a bolt of lightning, Belgian writer-director … Continue reading The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament)

Romantics Anonymous (Les émotifs anonyme)

  Romantics Anonymous (Les émotifs anony) France (2010) Dir. Jean-Pierre Améris Angélique Delange (Isabelle Carré) is afraid of almost everything and attends a support group to help her deal with it. Her only true passion is chocolate and she is exceptionally good at making it which leads her to apply for a job at the … Continue reading Romantics Anonymous (Les émotifs anonyme)