The Legend Of Tarzan

The Legend Of Tarzan US (2016) Dir. David Yates So, 98 years after Elmo Lincoln first donned the famous loin cloth to play Edgar Rice-Burroughs’ legendry creation, Hollywood unleashes it’s long awaited, long gestating modern entry into the Tarzan canon. Can British director David Yates (helmer of the last four Harry Potter films) do the … Continue reading The Legend Of Tarzan

The Treatment (De Behandeling)

The Treatment (De Behandeling) Belgium (2014) Dir. Hans Herbots Geographically Belgium might be just outside of Scandinavia but is this grisly crime thriller has all the constituent elements and feel of the output from the Nordic Noir movement, with a touch of Gallic grittiness courtesy of director Hans Herbots’s helming of episodes of the superb … Continue reading The Treatment (De Behandeling)

Sounds Of Sand (Si le vent soulève les sables)

Sounds Of Sand (Si le vent soulève les sables) Belgium (2006) Marion Hänsel Those of you on Twitter may have seen the hashtag “First World Problems” which people apply to their whinges about the stupid little things which blight their day. While we can joke about things like this, sometime we do forget that for … Continue reading Sounds Of Sand (Si le vent soulève les sables)


Alléluia Belgium (2014) Dir. Fabrice Du Welz For his fourth film, Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz has chosen to add to the many inspired by the real life story of the Lonely Hearts Killers of the late 1940’s, murderous husband and wife Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck. Alléluia is the tale of hard working single … Continue reading Alléluia

Two Days, One Night

Two Days, One Night (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Artificial Eye) Running Time: 95 min approx When does self-preservation become selfishness? Why should doing something which will benefit you and your loved ones at the expense of someone else’s livelihood be such a moral quandary? When young mother Sandra (Marion Cotillard) is about to return … Continue reading Two Days, One Night

Come As You Are (Hasta la Vista)

Come As You Are (Hasta la Vista) Belgium (2011) Dir. Geoffrey Enthoven Three Flemish men in their late twenties are all handicapped – Lars (Gilles De Schrijver) has an inoperable brain tumour, Philip (Robrecht Vanden Thoren) is totally paraplegic and Jozef (Tom Audenaert) is partially sighted. They are all equally frustrated with having barren sex … Continue reading Come As You Are (Hasta la Vista)

The Broken Circle Breakdown

The Broken Circle Breakdown Belgium (2012) Dir. Felix Van Groeningen At the turn of the millennium, bearded banjo player Didier (Johan Heldenbergh) and heavily tattooed Elise (Veerle Baetens) may be polar opposites – he’s an atheist while she sports a cross – but that doesn’t stop them falling in love after bonding over their passion … Continue reading The Broken Circle Breakdown

Our Children

Our Children (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Saffron Hill) Running Time: 111 minutes approx. At first the relationship between Belgian junior school teacher Murielle (Émilie Dequenne) and Mouni (Tahar Rahim), a young Moroccan doctor, is a blissful union up until the marriage, which reveals the first signs of the controlling personality of Mouni’s adoptive Belgian … Continue reading Our Children

The Ordeal (Calvaire)

The Ordeal (Calvaire) Belgium/France (2004) Dir. Fabrice Du Welz Marc Stevens (Laurent Lucas) is a flamboyant wannabe singer playing mostly in very small clubs and retirement homes. En route to a Christmas show Marc’s van breaks down in the middle of a forest. A passing local named Boris (Jean-Luc Couchard) takes Marc to a small … Continue reading The Ordeal (Calvaire)

Bullhead (Rundskop)

Bullhead (Rundskop) Belgium (2011) Dir. Michaël R. Roskam A Flemish cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille (Matthias Schoenaerts) has been a part of an illicit procedure where the livestock is injected with steroids and other growth hormones, a practice he learned from his father. Problems arise when an old acquaintance Sam Raymond (Frank Lammers) encourages Jacky to … Continue reading Bullhead (Rundskop)