The White Knights (Les chevaliers blancs)

The White Knights (Les chevaliers blancs) France/Belgium (2015) Dir. Joachim Lafosse  Is there a fine line between charity and subterfuge, where doing something that benefits two parties is a case of the ends justifying the means? If the ultimate objective is to provide mutual happiness is muddying the facts that serious a crime? Joachim Lafosse’s … Continue reading The White Knights (Les chevaliers blancs)

L’Amant Double

L'Amant Double France/Belgium (2017) Dir. François Ozon When a director’s reputation precedes them by a vast distance, reading the summary of their latest film fills you with either a cold dread or perverse excitement. And when that director is maverick auteur François Ozon and one early shot is an extreme close up of lady parts … Continue reading L’Amant Double


Raw France/Belgium (2016) Dir. Julia Ducournau Having already been familiar with the synopsis of this French/Belgian film and going by the first 20 minutes or so, my initial summation was “Like Animal House with the emphasis on Animal”. Little did I know that I would regret such premature flippancy. Teenage vegetarian and aspiring vet Justine … Continue reading Raw

Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)

Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants) France/Belgium (2016) Dir. Katell Quillévéré Some film directors find a niche and stick with it, for better or worse, while others like to expand their creativity from film to film, covering a number of themes, styles and genres. France’s Katell Quillévéré fits in the latter category as her three … Continue reading Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)


Insyriated Belgium/France/Lebanon (2017) Dir. Philippe Van Leeuw War films almost instinctively tend to focus on either those on the front line or the firsthand civilian victims of military oppression. Belgian writer-director Philippe van Leeuw chooses to focus on a lesser featured contingent to suffer during a conflict, those on the periphery with no direct investment … Continue reading Insyriated

The Unknown Girl (La fille inconnue)

The Unknown Girl (La fille inconnue) Belgium/France (2016) Dirs. Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne Are guilt and accountability mutually exclusive? Is it possible to recognise your part in a tragedy yet refuse to accept your culpability for fear of the repercussions no matter how much it is weighing on your conscience? Award winning brothers Luc & … Continue reading The Unknown Girl (La fille inconnue)

After Love (L’économie du couple)

After Love (L'économie du couple) France/Belgium (2016) Dir. Joachim Lafosse They say all is fair in love and war but when one turns into the other, fairness is often the last concern of those embroiled in a bitter dispute. Belgian writer-director Joachim Lafosse posits this idea via an indefatigable impasse created by the stubbornness of … Continue reading After Love (L’économie du couple)

The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament)

The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament) France (2015) Dir. Jaco Van Dormael Religion is a touchy subject to create art from, even more so if you choose to lampoon it - just ask the Monty Python team! Clearly not fazed by the prospect of being smote by a bolt of lightning, Belgian writer-director … Continue reading The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament)

Disorder (aka Maryland)

Disorder (aka Maryland) France/Belgium (2015) Dir. Alice Winocour When you can’t understand what is going on in your own head it is far harder for other people to understand you. Whilst I can’t - and daren’t - compare my Asperger’s to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I can empathise with people who are fighting a battle … Continue reading Disorder (aka Maryland)

The Child (L’enfant)

The Child (L'enfant) Belgium (2005) Dir. Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne The Dardenne Brothers seem to have found their niche in gritty social dramas in which the central protagonist is one at odds against the system in one form or another. This bleak 2005 effort follows a similar path but for a different reason, at time … Continue reading The Child (L’enfant)