Familyhood (Gutbai singgeul)

Familyhood (Gutbai singgeul) Korea (2016) Dir. Kim Tae-Gon There is a common misconception that fame and fortune equates to having everything in life, including love and happiness. But showbiz being the fickle industry it is this isn’t as guaranteed as the myth propagated in the gossip pages of the toadying media. Ko Joo-yeon (Kim Hye-soo) … Continue reading Familyhood (Gutbai singgeul)

Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda)

Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda) Mexico (2014) Dir. Andres Clariond You know what they say about people with money - they might be able to buy a big house and flashy cars but they can’t buy class. It’s nice to have a healthy bank balance but being a decent human being should always be … Continue reading Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda)

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 US (2018) Dir. Brad Bird Usually in Hollywood, when a film becomes a massive hit the studio bean counters start making plans for a sequel. After the success of The Incredibles in 2004, Brad Bird of Pixar decided to work on other projects instead of instantly capitalising on his latest cash cow, making … Continue reading Incredibles 2


Lifeboat US (1944) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock In the early days of British television, it was said the cheapest and easiest play to make a drama from was a limited cast of people in a singular location, like being stuck in a lift. Trust Alfred Hitchcock to subvert this simple idea by making that singular setting … Continue reading Lifeboat


Joy Mongolia (2016) Dir. Chinguun Balkhjav Hopefully the country of origin of this 2016 release will deter you from thinking I have broken my boycott of J*nn*f*r L*wr*nc* films, so save the accusations of hypocrisy for another day - if indeed hell does freeze over. Instead, we’ll bask in the knowledge that this Joy marks … Continue reading Joy

Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)

Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja) Korea (2016) Dir. Lee Eon-hee Trust. It’s a very important commodity in life that can make or break a relationship. If it is broken or abused, the consequences can be devastating. Lee Eon-hee’s fraught drama begins like a horrific kidnap case but in fact reveals itself to be … Continue reading Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)


Insyriated Belgium/France/Lebanon (2017) Dir. Philippe Van Leeuw War films almost instinctively tend to focus on either those on the front line or the firsthand civilian victims of military oppression. Belgian writer-director Philippe van Leeuw chooses to focus on a lesser featured contingent to suffer during a conflict, those on the periphery with no direct investment … Continue reading Insyriated

The Accidental Detective (Tam jeong deo bigining)

The Accidental Detective (Tam jeong deo bigining) Korea (2015) Dir. Kim Jung-Hoon Murder and comedy do not always make for great bedfellows in cinema. Getting the balance right between gravity and levity is a thankless task when eventually one has to give way to the other without either being compromised. In his second feature, Kim … Continue reading The Accidental Detective (Tam jeong deo bigining)

Way Down East

Way Down East US (1920) Dir. D.W Griffith “Oh, it’s different with a man. He’s supposed to sow his wild oats!” So speaks the villain of this silent classic based on the 19th century play by Lottie Blair Parker that takes the bold stance of challenging a societal taboo that still resonates in many cultures … Continue reading Way Down East


Ricky France (2009) Dir. François Ozon If there was ever a caveat to being a director who swaps genres with relative ease and frequency it is that the audience finds themselves either too trusting that they’ll deliver something remarkably different or fearful that they will deliver something that is TOO different. France’s François Ozon is certainly … Continue reading Ricky