Movie Review – Rain Man

Rain Man US (1988) Dir. Barry Levinson Just a heads up that this will be a different review from the norm as it deals with a very personal theme for me. Regular readers (both of you) will know I am on the Autism Spectrum, diagnosed late in life in 2013. When I first saw Rain … Continue reading Movie Review – Rain Man

Movie Review – Sonata

Sonata Poland (2021) Dir. Bartosz Blaschke As someone who is trapped by my Autism I do admire those with a disability who refuse to let it hold them and go on to achieve big things in their lives. The real obstacle they face however is other people who are unable to see past the disability … Continue reading Movie Review – Sonata

Movie Review – Here We Are

Here We Are (Hine Anachnu) Israel (2020) Dir. Nir Bergman Being Autistic isn’t easy; being a parent to an autistic child isn’t easy either. I’d wager in many respects it is harder, since they have to adapt to the needs and foibles of an autistic person which doesn’t come with a manual. The struggle is … Continue reading Movie Review – Here We Are

Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Innocent Witness (Jeungin) Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Han “If only she weren’t Autistic” A line actually spoken in a film apparently designed to help broaden our understanding and knowledge of Autism. Thankfully, this is repudiated by the mother of the autistic girl in question, proclaiming she had never once thought that herself, otherwise it wouldn’t … Continue reading Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Ode To The Goose (Gunsan: Geowileul Nolaehada)

Ode To The Goose (Gunsan: Geowileul Nolaehada) Korea (2018) Dir. Zhang Lu As I recall, there is no serenading of any geese in this film from Chinese-Korean novelist turned director Zhang Lu but there is plenty of pathos behind this sprawling tale of identity, the pain of fitting in, and navigating the many problems life … Continue reading Ode To The Goose (Gunsan: Geowileul Nolaehada)

Keys To The Heart (Geugeotmani Nae Sesang)

Keys To The Heart (Geugeotmani Nae Sesang) Korea (2018) Dir. Choi Sung-Hyun  Families. We all need them even if we think we don’t. Some of us are lucky to have one, other aren’t, while some people seem to go out of their way to wreck theirs because the lines of communication are seldom open. It … Continue reading Keys To The Heart (Geugeotmani Nae Sesang)

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day Hong Kong (2017) Dir. Chan Tai Lee Being on the Autism spectrum I am naturally interested in films dealing with Autism, partly out of curiosity as to how they handle it, and partly out of cynicism for the same reason. This time, we head to Hong Kong and a film from … Continue reading Tomorrow Is Another Day

The Drummer And The Keeper

The Drummer And The Keeper Ireland (2017) Dir. Nick Kelly As someone diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome a few years ago I have become very curious about films and TV dealing with people on the Autism Spectrum, as it is actually a difficult condition to portray correctly not to mention saying credible and authentic. This effort … Continue reading The Drummer And The Keeper

Her Name Is Sabine (Elle s’appelle Sabine)

Her Name Is Sabine (Elle s'appelle Sabine) France (2008) Dir. Sandrine Bonnaire Fictional films designed to hold a mirror up to society are often hard to watch because what they are depicting is rooted in a reality we refuse to acknowledge. Documentaries can be hard to watch because they ARE showing that reality. Where fictionalised … Continue reading Her Name Is Sabine (Elle s’appelle Sabine)

Stations Of The Cross (Kreuzweg)

Stations Of The Cross (Kreuzweg) Germany (2014) Dir. Dietrich Brüggemann Religion is a tricky subject for any filmmaker to tackle, regardless of their views or intentions behind it, with readymade opposition waiting to jump on it for the slightest reason. As an atheist it is also hard to watch such a film with some objectivity … Continue reading Stations Of The Cross (Kreuzweg)