Blue Spring (Aoi haru)

Blue Spring (Aoi haru) Japan (2001) Dir. Toshiaki Toyoda School was hard, at least for me - bullied, unable to keep up with others - but if this film is any indication, and I hope it isn’t, I got off very lightly compared to the sheer horror on display here courtesy of a group of … Continue reading Blue Spring (Aoi haru)


The Favourite

The Favourite (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment) Running Time: 120 minutes approx. Release Date – May 13th If you’re going to do a modern update of All About Eve then you might as well set it in 18th century England if that makes sense. If it does, you’ve clearly … Continue reading The Favourite


Girl (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD (Distributor: Curzon Artificial Eye) Running Time: 101 minutes approx. Release Date – May 6th Transgender identity and surrounding issues are difficult to portray in film for fear of accusations from the LGBT community of inaccurate representations of the characters. Lukas Dhont’s Girl, based on the real life story of … Continue reading Girl

Mug (Twarz)

Mug (Twarz) Poland (2018) Dir. Malgorzata Szumowska We are constantly told that what we look like on the outside has no bearing on the sort of person we are on the inside, yet as humans, we cannot help but judge people on face value, pardon the pun. This notion makes up part of the struggle … Continue reading Mug (Twarz)

Shadow (Ying)

Shadow (Ying) China (2018) Dir. Zhang Yimou "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" Whilst the above quote came from the introduction to a famous radio show of the 1930’s featuring the pulp fiction hero The Shadow, its relevance to this film is its plot involves “shadowy” people. In … Continue reading Shadow (Ying)


Zama Argentina (2017) Dir. Lucrecia Martel Director Lucrecia Martel says making this film made her feel Stanley Kubrick was being cheeky for opining “no good film will ever be made from a good novel” (ironic given his track record with book adaptations). I’ve not read the 1956 novel Zama by Antonio di Benedetto so I … Continue reading Zama

Khrustalyov, My Car!

Khrustalyov, My Car! (Cert 18) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Video) Running Time: 147 minutes approx. Release Date – April 29th Russian cinema is very much in a league of its own when it comes to the arcane and idiosyncratic but this is to be expected given it is a country whose history is one … Continue reading Khrustalyov, My Car!