Movie Review – Limbo

Limbo UK (2020) Dir. Ben Sharrock Depending on where you are in the world, immigration will be a prevalent and ubiquitous topic in the news, whether people are leaving our country or arriving in them. As ever, there are two sides to every story though many inhabitants of the receiving country are not interested in … Continue reading Movie Review – Limbo

Movie Review – Beginning

Beginning Georgia (2020) Dir. Dea Kulumbegashvili Religious persecution is a subject that doesn’t get the insightful probing treatment in fictional cinema as others do, presumably as there is no room for objectivity when giving those who inflict this a platform without bias from both sides. In this film, it seems like we might be heading … Continue reading Movie Review – Beginning

Movie Review – About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)

About Endlessness (Om det oändliga) Sweden (2019) Dir. Roy Andersson Preface: I know I am a martyr to myself for watching esoteric arthouse films others seem to love which I end up confused and underwhelmed by, but you never know when you might find one you do get on with. If you don’t try, you’ll … Continue reading Movie Review – About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)

Movie Review – On Body And Soul (Teströl és lélekröl)

On Body And Soul (Teströl és lélekröl) Hungary (2017) Dir. Ildikó Enyedi In dreams I walk with you In dreams I talk to you In dreams you're mine all of the time We're together in dreams Yup, that’s about the extent of my love life but imagine if dream lovers really did exist. Would that … Continue reading Movie Review – On Body And Soul (Teströl és lélekröl)

Movie Review – A Paris Education (Mes provinciales)

A Paris Education (Mes provinciales) France (2018) Dir. Jean-Paul Civeyrac Is it possible for a film to be so Meta that it becomes the very thing it might or might not be allegorically critiquing and/or celebrating, losing all sense of its own identity in the process, yet still very much an incisive and independently minded … Continue reading Movie Review – A Paris Education (Mes provinciales)

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur) Iceland (2019) Dir. Hlynur Palmason One of the worst things for a grieving person is to discover their partner had a secret life in the wake of their passing. There are many different ways of processing this news and moving forward, anger more than likely to be a … Continue reading A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)


Pili UK/Tanzania (2017) Dir. Leanne Welham The term “First world problems” is thrown about a lot as an ironic admission of our inherent comfort compared others living under less fortunate circumstances. Yet, how much do we know the struggles in third world countries, where even the smallest things we take for granted are out of … Continue reading Pili

The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja)

The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja) Korea (2020) Dir. Hong Sang-soo Spoiler: there are no running women in this film, but they do talk a lot; and eat a lot too, but mostly talk. It’s a Hong Sang-soo film, what do you expect? Anyway, the more pressing question is what exactly is the woman is … Continue reading The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja)

I Am REN (Jestem REN)

I Am REN (Jestem REN) Poland (2020) Dir. Piotr Ryczko  Not everyone is directly responsible for their actions. Mental illness has a habit of making us behave against character, the struggle extending beyond us to our families too. Pin pointing the exact root of the problem isn’t always easy - trauma can lead to loss … Continue reading I Am REN (Jestem REN)

Ju Dou

Ju Dou China (1990) Dirs. Zhang Yimou & Yang Fengliang We reap what we sow. If you kick a dog long enough it will bite you back. You deserve to be bitten. Once the tables are turned, the dog must learn it to stop biting. Humility and a change in attitude is required by both … Continue reading Ju Dou