Beanpole (Dylda)

Beanpole (Dylda) Russia (2019) Dir. Kantemir Balagov War causes many losses both on and off the battlefield, but the sacrifices don’t end once the military conflict ceases. Reintegrating into a society rebuilding itself presents another set of struggles for those dealing with the aftermath of their experiences. In a Leningrad hospital in 1945, shortly after … Continue reading Beanpole (Dylda)


Bungalow Germany (2002) Dir. Ulrich Köhler It’s hard being stuck in a life where you feel you have no direction and nothing seems to provide any answers. Then you find out others seem to have the life you want, what do you do - find the same for yourself or try to take theirs instead? … Continue reading Bungalow


Rojo Argentina (2018) Dir. Benjamín Naishtat You’ve no doubt heard the expression “A good day to bury bad news”. Mostly the province of politicians who don’t want to look totally inept or wilfully pernicious, they quietly release damning or unpopular updates during a disaster in the hope people will be too distracted to notice. Sometimes, … Continue reading Rojo

Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime)

Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime) Canada (2019) Dir. Xavier Dolan Friendships that last are really special, not that I would know. When people can remain close from childhood through to adulthood and beyond, it is a remarkable achievement. But, as we grow up and times change, there will always be something to put that … Continue reading Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime)

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse US (2019) Dir. Robert Eggers Loneliness can be a real killer, which is why “lighthouse keeper” is hardly at the top of any list of career choices, though these days they are probably computer operated. Back in the days of yore however, a human presence was a necessity and even then, it wasn’t … Continue reading The Lighthouse

Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Diqiu zuihou de yewan)

Long Day's Journey Into Night (Diqiu zuihou de yewan) China (2018) Dir. Bi Gan We all have that dream lover who completes us, but the problem is they only exist in dreams. Some people might be lucky enough to have this dream come true (not me) but there is always that chance you might wake … Continue reading Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Diqiu zuihou de yewan)

Bad Poetry Tokyo

Bad Poetry Tokyo Japan (2018) Dir. Anshul Chauhan “If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” The problem with dreams is that they are easily crushed if they aren’t attained whilst the timing is still right, often ending up on the wayside as real life gets in the way. … Continue reading Bad Poetry Tokyo

The Cormorants (I cormorani)

The Cormorants (I cormorani) Italy (2016) Dir. Fabio Bobbio Childhood summers, spent with friends hanging out, living life without a care. It sounds idyllic and for many might be the stuff of fiction like an Enid Blyton story rather than real life, but real life doesn’t always make for fun and engrossing cinema either. Two … Continue reading The Cormorants (I cormorani)

At The Height Of Summer (Mùa hè chieu thang dung)

At The Height Of Summer (Mùa hè chieu thang dung) Vietnam (2000) Dir. Trần Anh Hùng Should families communicate more or does being part of a tight knit clan not allow individuals to live their lives for themselves and maybe have the odd secret or two kept from their kin? During a blazing summer in … Continue reading At The Height Of Summer (Mùa hè chieu thang dung)

Ice Cream And The Sound Of Raindrops (Ice to Amaoto)

Ice Cream And The Sound Of Raindrops (Ice to Amaoto) Japan (2018) Dir. Daigo Matsui "We’re the cosmos made conscious!" Typical teenagers - they think their generation invented everything that is cool and their attitudes and opinions are the only correct ones. But the truly conscientious being denied a voice only fuels their sense of … Continue reading Ice Cream And The Sound Of Raindrops (Ice to Amaoto)