The Fish Child (El niño pez)

The Fish Child (El niño pez) Argentina (2009) Dir. Lucía Puenzo Love, apparently, knows no boundaries, be it is age, race, gender, or nationality though in some cases, obstacles are almost assured. One potential interference is class and social status, where the rich and privileged wouldn’t dream of letting their children fraternise with the lower … Continue reading The Fish Child (El niño pez)


Zama Argentina (2017) Dir. Lucrecia Martel Director Lucrecia Martel says making this film made her feel Stanley Kubrick was being cheeky for opining “no good film will ever be made from a good novel” (ironic given his track record with book adaptations). I’ve not read the 1956 novel Zama by Antonio di Benedetto so I … Continue reading Zama


Hortensia Argentina (2015) Dirs. Diego Lublinsky & Álvaro Urtizberea Some people can drift aimlessly through yet still manage to get on, others struggle at every turn. Some of us are always searching for that elusive thing we hope will make us happy, fulfilled or, more commonly, rich. Having a set plan usually helps yet it … Continue reading Hortensia

Born And Bred (Nacido y criado)

Born And Bred (Nacido y criado) Argentina (2006) Dir. Pablo Trapero And so once again I find myself in that horrible position of watching a film that has received high praise and yet can’t get into it on the same level. It’s a little disappointing as I’ve seen many of director Pablo Trapero’s subsequent films … Continue reading Born And Bred (Nacido y criado)

The Clan (El Clan)

The Clan (El Clan) Argentina (2015) Dir. Pablo Trapero Is it possible to run a kidnapping ring from your own home and keep it from members of your family at the same time? One would think not but in this shocking true story from Argentina that is essentially what happened, although not all of the … Continue reading The Clan (El Clan)


Gilda US (1946) Dir. Charles Vidor People often forget that some legendary Hollywood stars had lengthy and fruitful careers despite usually being defined by a single performance. Some would crave to be remembered at all, let alone for one iconic role, but mention Rita Hayworth and chances are “Gilda” will be the automatic response. Not … Continue reading Gilda

The Boss, Anatomy Of A Crime (El patrón, radiografía de un crimen)

The Boss, Anatomy Of A Crime (El patrón, radiografía de un crimen) Argentina (2014) Dir. Sebastián Schindel This film, serving as a metaphor exploring corruption and prejudice in modern day Argentina, comes to us via former documentary maker Sebastián Schindel, adapting a novel by Elias Neuman, based on a true story and was fourteen years … Continue reading The Boss, Anatomy Of A Crime (El patrón, radiografía de un crimen)

Wakolda (aka The German Doctor)

Wakolda (aka The German Doctor) Argentina (2013) Dir. Lucía Puenzo It is generally accepted that the Nazis weren’t particularly nice people so the popular consensus is you wouldn’t let one in the house - unless of course you weren’t aware that you were in the presence of a high-ranking officer of the SS with a … Continue reading Wakolda (aka The German Doctor)


Jauja Denmark/Argentina (2014) Dir. Lisandro Alonso Argentinean director Lisandro Alonso is not a director I am familiar with but the plot summary for this film (courtesy of LOVEFilm) gave the impression that an exciting historical drama was awaiting me. Instead I got a dense, slow moving, sparse and somewhat indulgent arthouse head-trip with a flimsy … Continue reading Jauja

Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes)

Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes) Argentina (2014) Dir. Damián Szifrón In what has to be considered a rarity, this compendium of delightfully dark short tales based around the themes of violence, revenge and hasty actions under pressure is in fact the product of just one director and not a combined effort from numerous hands. Will some … Continue reading Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes)