Movie Review – A Common Crime

A Common Crime (Cert 15) Digital/VOD (Distributor: Sovereign Film Distribution) Running Time: 97 minutes approx. In the disparity between the haves and the have nots, the former tend to be viewed as lacking a conscience through the comfort of their existence. This is a generalisation for sure, except elite ruling classes in government set a … Continue reading Movie Review – A Common Crime

El Ángel

El Ángel Argentina (2018) Dir. Luis Ortega “You need your stars, even killers have prestige” The Manics may have been trying to appear enigmatic with this lyric but it does have a sliver of truth to it, except “prestige” should be replaced with notoriety. The last thing we want is anyone being influenced by a … Continue reading El Ángel


Alanis Argentina (2017) Dir. Anahí Berneri It’s known as the World’s Oldest Profession, yet it is one that is least likely to see those who work in it high on people’s esteem list. Regardless of whether you considered them near the bottom of society’s scale, they are still human beings and surely should be able … Continue reading Alanis


Rojo Argentina (2018) Dir. Benjamín Naishtat You’ve no doubt heard the expression “A good day to bury bad news”. Mostly the province of politicians who don’t want to look totally inept or wilfully pernicious, they quietly release damning or unpopular updates during a disaster in the hope people will be too distracted to notice. Sometimes, … Continue reading Rojo

Heroic Losers (La odisea de los giles)

Heroic Losers (La odisea de los giles) Argentina (2019) Dir. Sebastián Borensztein “What do you do when you realise that it’s not only one, but a whole army of arseholes that ruined your life?” This might be an emotionally driven rhetorical question from the distraught protagonist of this Argentinean comedy heist film but the subject … Continue reading Heroic Losers (La odisea de los giles)

My Masterpiece (Mi obra maestra)

My Masterpiece (Mi obra maestra) Argentina (2018) Dir. Gastón Duprat “Art is a fraud” Sometimes it is not hard to dispute this statement when you consider how a messy daub of random blotches or streaks of paint on a canvas can be seen as genius statement and will sell for millions, whilst a delicately detailed … Continue reading My Masterpiece (Mi obra maestra)

My Friend From The Park (Mi amiga del parque)

My Friend From The Park (Mi amiga del parque) Argentina (2015) Dir. Ana Katz “You never really know someone until…” is the opening of a litany of quotes, aphorisms, or in today’s world, internet memes. Yet, it is widely postulated that we may never really know someone at all despite living with them, marrying them, … Continue reading My Friend From The Park (Mi amiga del parque)


Valentin Argentina (2002) Dir. Alejandro Agresti Too many people in life think they know it all yet know nothing. They have an opinion on everything, try to enforce that opinion on others and believe that whatever they do to fix a situation is the only correct method, even if they are sometimes successful. No doubt … Continue reading Valentin

The Headless Woman (La mujer sin cabeza)

The Headless Woman (La mujer sin cabeza) Argentina (2008) Dir. Lucrecia Martel We’ve all had moments of doubt regarding something we may or may have done - “Did I turn the TV off?”, “Did I set the recorder for my programme?”, “Did I take the cat out of the freezer?”. These may be standard concerns … Continue reading The Headless Woman (La mujer sin cabeza)

The Holy Girl (La niña santa)

The Holy Girl (La niña santa) Argentina (2004) Dir. Lucrecia Martel One of the things that bothers people without any religious inclination is how those some of those who are pious seem to feel their faith is a mandate to enforce their beliefs onto others. It would be nice if they asked if we want … Continue reading The Holy Girl (La niña santa)