Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime)

Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime) Canada (2019) Dir. Xavier Dolan Friendships that last are really special, not that I would know. When people can remain close from childhood through to adulthood and beyond, it is a remarkable achievement. But, as we grow up and times change, there will always be something to put that … Continue reading Matthias & Maxime (Matthias et Maxime)

Jalouse (Jealous)

Jalouse (Jealous) France (2017) Dir. David & Stéphane Foenkinos Jealousy is a terrible thing but resides within us whether we like to admit it or not. Some may claim they don’t ever feel jealous and maybe it is hidden deeper for them but it will surface at least once in our lives. If this latest … Continue reading Jalouse (Jealous)

Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)

Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants) France/Belgium (2016) Dir. Katell Quillévéré Some film directors find a niche and stick with it, for better or worse, while others like to expand their creativity from film to film, covering a number of themes, styles and genres. France’s Katell Quillévéré fits in the latter category as her three … Continue reading Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)


Mommy Canada (2014) Dir. Xavier Dolan Much was made of the fact that the late great Orson Welles was just 25 when he made his directorial debut with the colossal Citizen Kane; French-Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan was 25 when making Mommy, his FIFTH film! Dolan returns to the subject of the mother/son relationship, previously explored … Continue reading Mommy