Anime Review – Grandma And Her Ghosts

Grandma And Her Ghosts (Mo fa a ma) Taiwan (1998) Dir. Wang Shaudi Depending on the age they were born, many children tend to grow up with grandparents who are past middle age - in other words, they are grey haired or fast approaching it, making them almost mystical in our eyes. I doubt many … Continue reading Anime Review – Grandma And Her Ghosts

Movie Review – Sing 2

Sing 2 US (2021) Dir. Garth Jennings It’s apparent critics don’t always get it right, and their snobbery towards some films will backfire. 2016’s Sing was mauled by the press but proved a success regardless of their derisive, sneery opinions. It might have taken five years for this inevitable sequel to arrive, also pilloried by … Continue reading Movie Review – Sing 2

Movie Review – Turning Red

Turning Red US (2022) Dir. Domee Shi “Don’t make me moody, You wouldn’t like me when I’m moody!” Puberty is a bloody nuisance for all of us, especially girls, and I apologise for being less than subtle with this introduction, but this latest offering from Pixar/Disney isn’t exactly shy about isn’t subject matter either. Meilin … Continue reading Movie Review – Turning Red

Movie review – The Secret Of Kells

The Secret Of Kells Ireland (2009) Dirs. Tomm Moore & Nora Twomey For most of us in the west, the life of a monk sounds rather dull - an ascetic existence of silence, and submerging yourself in reading religious scriptures. At least Shaolin Monks get to learn kung fu! Maybe we have the wrong idea … Continue reading Movie review – The Secret Of Kells

Blu-ray Review – Flee

Flee (Cert 15) 2 Discs DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Curzon Artificial Eye) Running Time: 89 minutes approx. Release Date – April 11th “What does the word home mean to you?” A question many of us don’t think to ponder too much, generally accepting that home is the bricks and mortar edifice we live in. For many, this … Continue reading Blu-ray Review – Flee

Movie Review – Wolfwalkers

Wolfwalkers Ireland (2020) Dirs. Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart Humans and animals tend to get along although this is mostly in a domestic scenario, for which I will include farms and horses. Outside of this, in the animals’ natural territory, man tends to feel they remain the dominant presence and don’t like when animals fight … Continue reading Movie Review – Wolfwalkers

Movie Review – Encanto

Encanto US (2021) Dirs. Jared Bush, Byron Howard & Charise Castro Smith It’s tough being the odd one out in the family - I should know - where everyone else has it all going for them and you are left in the shadows with nothing. At least in real life, one can do something about … Continue reading Movie Review – Encanto

Movie Review – Son Of The White Mare

Son Of The White Mare (Fehérlófia) Hungary (1981) Dir. Marcell Jankovics Traditional folk stories and animation are made for each other. Both enjoy the freedom of eschewing the rules to spin a yarn so incredible, we happily accept them for what they are. Plus, in both cases if they were real, some serious moral questions … Continue reading Movie Review – Son Of The White Mare

Movie Review – Ne Zha

  Ne Zha (Ne Zha zhi mo tong jiang shi) China (2019) Dir. Yu Yang Gong hei fat choy or  Gōng xǐ fā cái - Happy Chinese New Year aka Year of the Tiger, and to celebrate I thought it appropriate to watch a film from that neck of the woods. Having scoured the titles … Continue reading Movie Review – Ne Zha

Movie Review – Calamity

Calamity (Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary) France (2020) Dir. Rémi Chayé If you’ve never heard the name Martha Jane Cannary before, and you are of a certain vintage then the first word of the title of this vivid French animation provides a huge clue about her more famous sobriquet. And not a single … Continue reading Movie Review – Calamity