Okja Korea/US (2017) Dir. Bong Joon-ho Having pulled off the impossible by being an Asian director to actually make a decent film in the US with 2013’s Snowpiercer Bong Jong-ho tries his luck again with this savage satire on capitalist greed, the commercial food industry and animal cruelty. In 2007, the awkward CEO of agrochemical … Continue reading Okja

Monster (Mon-seu-teo)

Monster (Mon-seu-teo) Korea (2014) Dir. Hwang In-ho If Kim Jong-un is doing his damnedest to make sure North Korea is one of the most undesirable places on earth then South Korean filmmakers are doing their bit to dissuade visitors and holidaymakers with their frequent depictions of unbridled violence on their streets. Hwang In-ho adds to … Continue reading Monster (Mon-seu-teo)