MIB’s Top Ten Films of 2015

Whilst I have seen in excess of 280 films in 2015 (all reviewed on this site) the number of those actually released this year either in the UK or abroad is demonstrably small in terms of accessibility and in some cases my interest in new output. Usually this is where I bemoan the dearth of … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Films of 2015

A Girl At My Door (Dohee-ya)

A Girl At My Door (Dohee-ya) Korean (2014) Dir. July Jung A female police academy instructor Lee Young-nam (Bae Doona) is relocated from Seoul to small seaside town following a personal scandal to head a small police substation. On her first day there Young-nam witnesses a group of kids bullying a young girl, Do-Hee (Kim … Continue reading A Girl At My Door (Dohee-ya)