Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q) Japan (2001) Dir. Takashi Miike When one thinks of dysfunctional families usually cartoon broods like The Simpsons or The Griffins are nominated. But the Yamazaki family in this film from Japanese provocateur Takashi Miike don’t just take the biscuit, they snatch the whole pack, gorge it down in one go then … Continue reading Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)


Girls und Panzer der Film

Girls und Panzer der Film (Cert 12) 1 Disc DVD / 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 120 minutes approx. Release Date: Blu-ray- October 23rd / DVD - November 20th  You’ll have to cast your mind back some three and a half years to when the TV series of Girls und Panzer debuted here … Continue reading Girls und Panzer der Film

Blue Eyelids (Párpados azules)

Blue Eyelids (Párpados azules) Mexico (2007) Dir. Ernesto Contreras It’s handy when things come in pairs, like socks, shoes, trousers and the like, but there are occasions when having two of something can be an inconvenience. If you are a lonely singleton like me then getting a prize intended for two people is a like … Continue reading Blue Eyelids (Párpados azules)

God Of War

God Of War (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Well Go USA) Running Time: 129 minutes approx. Release Date – October 16th You have to hand it to the Chinese - they do historical films arguably better than anyone else, at least on an aesthetic and immersive front. Even if the historical accuracy is open … Continue reading God Of War

Her Love Boils Bathwater (Yu wo wakasuhodo no atsui ai)

Her Love Boils Bathwater (Yu wo wakasuhodo no atsui ai) Japan (2016) Dir. Ryota Nakano The title of Japan’s official entry for the 2018 Best Foreign Language Oscars may sound delightfully whimsical and certainly not out of place as a song on Love’s classic Forever Changes album, but the subject matter of this film doesn’t … Continue reading Her Love Boils Bathwater (Yu wo wakasuhodo no atsui ai)


Suntan Greece (2016) Dir. Argyris Papadimitropoulos “You’re only young once”  is the popular aphorism used to encourage people to take a leap into the unknown that they may be hesitant about, but then a follow-up question begs “When does being young end?” Is it 18 when you get to vote, 21 when you get the … Continue reading Suntan

WWE – 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude

WWE – 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude (Cert 15) 2 Discs Blu-ray / 3 Discs DVD (Distributor: Fremantle Media) Running Time: 58 minutes approx. Release Date: DVD - October 2nd / Blu-ray - October 9th For their latest trip down memory lane WWE takes us back to 1997 the year that the fabled Attitude Era … Continue reading WWE – 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude