As you may have hopefully read on the ABOUT page, I am not just a film, anime and WWE reviewer also an amatuer filmmaker! My journey into the dark arts of filmmaking began in 2010 when the job centre, fed up with me not having made any progress in gaining employment, sent me on a course to the now defunct Institute of Music and Technology at Hurricane Studios (IMT Hurricane for short). There I undertook a 13 week filmmaking course which resulted in my first ever short film Writers’ Block, which went on to win a few prizes on my local amateur filmmaking circuit, after I joined the amateur filmmaking club Orpington Video and Filmmakers (OVFM), with whom I am still a member today. 

Why I didn’t think of this before I don’t know, maybe a lack of confidence in my work, but every film I have made (bar one due to a music  copyright snafu) can be found on my Vimeo page MIB’S INSTANT HEADACHE (where the name first originated long before this blog was created). Since this site gets more attention than my Vimeo page I have decided to double my efforts in sharing my film work with the masses by including them on this site, since both pages under the same umbrella of INSTANT HEADACHE.

The films vary in style, from comedy to drama, to piece set to music, to showreels and other artistic projects. Some have been made in collaboration with OVFM, others by myself. You’ll also notice I have created my own production name Hyper Reel Films, to appear even more professional and serious!

For convenience sake, I have split the film listings on this site into two groups – Short Films and Showreels and Edits – which should be self-explanatory, plus you’ll find a complete description on the Vimeo page explaining the remit for each clip. Please click on the image to access the respective page.

I hope you enjoy this selection of my film work and will check back whenever it is updated to view my latest efforts. 

Thanks for reading!