MIB’s Instant Headache -10th Anniversary!

Ten years. A lot has happened in that time but one constant, at least in my life, has been this blog. Films, anime, WWE, year-end top ten lists, and now short films, video edits and Photoshop artworks have been featured across 3,473 posts (or 3,474 including this one). That is a lot of writing and … Continue reading MIB’s Instant Headache -10th Anniversary!

200,000 Hits!

  Wow! Back in 2017, five years after starting this site when I reached the 100,000 hits milestone, I did conclude the post marking this achievement by suggesting maybe the next milestone of 200,000 hits would happened in five years time. After so many of my regular readers seem to have left blogging or dropped … Continue reading 200,000 Hits!

Mystery Blogger Award

  It’s been a while but I’ve been nominated for another WordPress blogger award, this time the Mystery Blogger Award. Since I know who made the nomination, the wonderful Moya over at The Moyatorium, and I know who I am, I can’t see where the mystery is! Joking aside, it seems it was an idea … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

Lockdown Web Series – Sins Of Solitude

We’re taking another diversion from the usual reviews here at MIB’s Instant Headache, this time by promoting a web series created for and based around the current lockdown situation, to give us all some respite from the boredom. Sins Of Solitude is a seven-part black comedy series created and written by an old friend of … Continue reading Lockdown Web Series – Sins Of Solitude

Indie Movie trailer – Porcelain Presence

Something a bit different for this site, I am happy to share with you all the official trailer for an upcoming British Indie psychological thriller film Porcelain Presence. The film, written, directed and produced by Eliza Bibb and Sparky Jones, a 100% self-funded project that focuses on domestic abuse, murder, lies and betrayal, and stars … Continue reading Indie Movie trailer – Porcelain Presence

A Quick Note About Anime Reviews

Hello dear readers, Some of you may have noticed a slight dearth in reviews for new UK anime releases on this site recently. This is due in part to some of the titles having their release dates delayed by the distributors. However, in lieu of the current situation with the Coronavirus and the widespread lockdown … Continue reading A Quick Note About Anime Reviews

Sunshine Blogger Award

Apologies for the tardiness of this post, but I once again find myself humbled to receive a nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award, another way for bloggers to recognise and celebrate the work of those they follow and whose work they appreciate. It is to the pseudonymous Red Metal of the Extra Life blog to … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

SITE UPDATE – New Section Added

As I continue to be humbled and amazed by the support this site gets, I have endeavoured to bring you even more content to make visiting Instant Headache an even more varied experience. Some of you may have noticed the updated header banner on which you'll see a new category in the menu list entitled … Continue reading SITE UPDATE – New Section Added


300 Followers! It’s rare that this little blog of mine reaches any significant milestone that others attain effortlessly on a regular basis but unbeknownst to me I seem to hit another. I can now claim to have 300 great fellow WordPress bloggers following this blog which is amazing considering I didn’t expect anything close to … Continue reading 300 Followers!

TAG – Five Flaming Hotties

TAG - Five Flaming Hotties Well this is something different for this site. S.G of Rhyme and Reason has tagged ol’ MIB in this blogging game called five Flaming Hotties, where bloggers are asked to share their main objects or desire from the film and entertainment world. Now, regular readers of this site (and hopefully … Continue reading TAG – Five Flaming Hotties