TAG – Five Flaming Hotties

TAG - Five Flaming Hotties Well this is something different for this site. S.G of Rhyme and Reason has tagged ol’ MIB in this blogging game called five Flaming Hotties, where bloggers are asked to share their main objects or desire from the film and entertainment world. Now, regular readers of this site (and hopefully … Continue reading TAG – Five Flaming Hotties


MIB’s Instant Headache Fifth Anniversary!!

  Against all expectations, this humble blog of mine is five years old. In actual fact the fifth anniversary of its creation was back in March but today marks the date it was officially launched and the first post added to it, which is why I am taking that as the date of birth for … Continue reading MIB’s Instant Headache Fifth Anniversary!!

100,000 hits!

  Wow!  This blog of mine will have been running for five years this April and right from the onset, I wondered if anyone would notice it considering the sheer multitude of movie and anime review sites already existing on the internet. Was there room for one more?  Apparently so and the steady stream of … Continue reading 100,000 hits!

New Look Instant Headache!

Please don't adjust your screens folks, MIB has decided that after almost 5 years and nearly 100,000 views of the site looking roughly the same, to give it a makeover and try a new theme and new look for the site. It will still feature the same fair and honest anime, movie and wrestling reviews … Continue reading New Look Instant Headache!

It’s A Wonderful Tag

    Well this is something new for me - a Christmas game of tag.  This is a blogger chain game created by Richard at The Humpo Show in which we are set a few seasonal related questions with a slight thematic twist to them, then "tag" other bloggers to do the same and keep … Continue reading It’s A Wonderful Tag

One Lovely Blog Award

Forgive the tardiness of this post, but I am once again humbled to receive another award from my blogging peers, this time it is the One Lovely Blog award. I don’t know if my site can be described as “lovely” but I am grateful to Medievalotaku for thinking so and for this latest honour he … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

  Apologies for the tardiness of this post, but I once again find myself humbled to receive a nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award, another way for bloggers to recognise and celebrate the work of those they follow and whose work they appreciate. It is to Markus of The Marcko Guy to whom I most … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award